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NovaTypeNameYearNova DescriptionLikes
73Goodtimes1974Nova found in the opening Credits.
75Death Wish 31985Yellow Nova Taxi is shown before shooting.
62Bring Me the Head Of Alfredo Garcia1974(Sam Peckinpah)(Warren Oates) A 4 Door is driven by the Mexican family chasing Warren Oates after he robs the grave of Garcia.
73-74K-90001991Nova gets shot up by a sniper.
69-72The Italian Job2003Yenko Clone
Bad Boys1995Nova 4-Door
Live And Let Die1973007 James Bond is being chased by two 1973 4 door Nova police cars while trying to escape in a double decker bus. Another 73 4 door (orange)crashes onto an airplane wing during the airport chase scene.
The Chase1994Charlie Sheen Teases The Rich Girl that she wouldn't Be caught dead in a "Primered Chevy Nova"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1990A turtle was trying to come up with a catchy slogan, like 'cowabunga'. When he tried 'bossnova' the others complained and it was changed to 'Chevy Nova'
62-63Miracle Mile1998(Anthony Edwards) Convertible
62-65Beverly Hills 902100It was about kids on a street racing in California - Red 2D Hardtop vs 55 Chevy with a Cadillac engine. The 55 lost.
70Hunter0Old Episode Of Nbc's Cop Series, The Main Character And His Female Partner In A 69 Or 70 Nova At The Beginning Of The Show, Till It Breaks Down
62-64shopnow.com04 Door appeared in their Christmas commercial.
62-65My Three Sons0
Any Which Way You Can1980(Clint Eastwood) There is a convertible nova in the 'junkyard' in front of the house. It can be seen in several scenes throughout the movie from several different angles.
62-63Budweiser Commercial0Bud truck driver is passed by a '62 or '63 covertible full of hot babes. They turn off a side road and motion him to follow. He does, and he ends up driving over a cliff. The camera pulls back to reveal the driver is in a simulator and an instructor looks at him and shakes his head in disappointment.
62-65Overboard1987(Goldie Hawn) (Kirk Russell) Wagon - first shot it had no wood grain, second shot wood grain appears on the drivers side.
62-65Moonlighting1985(Bruce Willis) Flash of a nova parked in front of characters car while they had a dead man in the back seat.
Nothing But Trouble1991(Demi Moore) Chevy chase scene.
1963Emergency1972Junk yard scene - 4 Door
63Budweiser Commercial1999Convertible in tractor trailer commercial.
1963TLC - Case Reopened2000Zodiac special: two 'victims' were riding in a wagon.
62-65Hollywood Knights1980Nova on jack stands.
67Metallica's Fuel Video0A nova appears in this video.
62-65Undercover Brother2002(Eddie Griffin) White station wagon is seen in the flashing images when Undercover Brother is put in the mind machine to make him white.
62-65Cheech & Chongs Next Movie1980Blue station wagon is seen passing in front of the welfare office.
62-65Emergency1972Junk Yard Scene. 2 Door.
63Hill Street Blues04 Door that Belker drove.
64Chris Issacs On The Road2001Showtime original. (Blue/White)
65Family Matters1989Irkle was looking for a car in a lot that contained a 65 4 door.
66Sheer Engery1991Commercial. (Orange) Nova read bumper & taillight with a 'Sheer Energy' logo.
66Jump Street1987[Fox] Nova vs. `70 Chevelle in a drag race.
66-67I Spy1965(Bill Cosby)
62-65Invincible2006(Mark Walberg) Light blue 2 door is used to light the football field so the team can play at night.
62-65Starsky & Hutch2004(Owen Wilson)(Ben Stiller) A flash of the nova is seen near the start of the movie.
62-63Teen Wolf1985Red Convertible traded for a step van.
63Harper Valley PTA1978(Barbara Eden) Convertible filled with horse manure from a dump truck.
62-63House Party 21991A character sitting in a convertible while talking on a pay phone.
62-63Remember The Titans2001Hardtop Nova is seen.
63-64God Father1972Black Nova chased around the streets.
63-64The Super1991(Joe Pesci) Station wagon sitting behind a striped red corvette.
65Cannonball2002[Blue] Nova in a multi-car crash toward the end of the movie.
65The Inlaws1979(Peter Falk) Coupe
64-65Amy & Isabelle20014 Door was driven by a school teacher whom made out with his student in the front seat.
66Roadhouse1984Parked outside the bar.
66-67Equinox2001(Blue) spotted in a few garage scenes.
66A Bronx Tale1993(Rober Denaro) 4-Door
66-67Twister19964-Door inside the first twister of the movie. Spotted in the yard as the characters run for cover.
73-74Gone in 60 Seconds2000(Orange)
68-69The Mexican2001(Brad Pit) said during a television interview that he would have much rather drove the Red Nova SS over the 68 El Camino.
70Held Up1999(Jamie Fox) Orange SS trunk lid.
70Renegades1989(Kiefer Sutherland) At the start of the movie a blue Nova is spotted in a police hostage situation.
71Coming to America1988(Eddie Murphy)(Arsenio Hall) Nova spotted outside barber shop.
68-72Rocky V1990Nova spotted in the alley by the gym.
68-72Officer & A Gentleman1982It Looks Like A 4 Door Emergency Vehicle At The End Of The Movie When Richard Geres' Friend Hangs Himself. Also 75-79 Black 4 Door In The Back Ground Just Before Lou Gosset & Richard Gere Fight
68-72Honeymoon IN Las Vegas1992(Nicolas Cage) (Sara Jessica Parker) Flash Of Nova In A Yard When Taxi Driver Pulls Up To A House.
68-70Good Will Hunting1997(Robin Williams)
68-72Payback1999Nova was driven around; also a wrecked 73-74 in an alley.
68-72The Partridge Family The Movie1970[Black] Nova turning in the background of one scene.
68-72Carlitos Way1993(Al Pacino)
68-72Carlitos Way1973(Roy Schoroeder)
68-72Under World2003(Mel Gibson)
68-69A Change Of Habit1969First 15-20 min. of movie; nova almost runs over Mary Tyler Moore.
69Splash1984When the army hits the streets in their jeeps they see the rear of the nova parked at the curb.
70Shoot To Kill1988Blue 2-Door on ferry boat last 15 min. of movie.
70Beverly Hills Cop1984(Eddie Murphy)
70Something About Mary1998Blue Nova
70-72Final Destination0Nova gets hit by a train
72Bio Dome1996
72Mod Squad the Movie1999SS [Yellow][Black]
70-72"Grind House" / "Death Proof"2007Released April 2007. Directed by Quentin Tarantino of "Pulp Fiction" fame. Cecil Evans prepared the 9 Novas for the film. Approximately 5 Novas were destroyed, two were used in cannon rolls and one for a head on collision. The others were cut up to accommodate some of Tarantino's cool camera angles. The Novas had small block Chevy engines with mild cams & Exhaust work. Jeff Dashinaw , a 30 year veteran of stunt driving, was at the wheel of most of the Nova scenes. Parts were supplied by Chevy 2 Only.
73-74Wild At Heart1990(Laura Dern) (Nicolas Cage) Walks On The Hood Near The End Of The Movie
73-74Terminator1984They Run Off The Road In A Dark Scene & A 77 That Busts Through The Front Of The Police Station. 1970 [Brown] 2-door passes in the back ground when Sarah Conner is riding her moped work at the restaurant.
73-74A Kiss So Deadly0Beige Nova Four Door--A Couple Were In The Back Seat Making Out Next To Corvette
66-67Dear John0Spotted at the beginning of most episodes.
67Primus Video0[Yellow] coupe, tunnel ram small block & roll cage.
68Dragnet0They pass a whole dealership filled with new `68 Chevys
68-72Mama's Family2002[Blue] nova in the show, it was her first car and was bought from a used car deal. The car fell apart on her in the end... very tragic.
73-74Urban Cowboy1980Seen just before the graveyard scene.
73-74True Romance1993(Christian Slater) (Dennis Hoppers) character has a nova.
68-74Volkswagon Commercial0Nova parked on street.
68-74Collateral2004(Tom Cruise) Nova seen in the alley just before a guy falls out of the building window onto the top of the cab.
68-74The Dukes Of Hazard0Nova mostly driven by the bad guys Boss Hogg hired.
70Freaks & Geeks0Nova in back ground.
74Pulp Fiction1994

Movie pulp fiction Directed by Quentin Tarantino. Starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson

1974 Nova was used in this movie, if you have seen it you know what happened in the Nova just before it was scrapped at Monster Joes Salvage Yard!!

74Live & Let Die1973Nova Police Cars
70-72Grounded For Life: Rubber Sold0[Green] 4-Door appears in the sit com.
70-72"1-800 We Prevent" Commercial0Nova Right-Front Fender is shown
70sArmed and Dangerous1986(John Candy) A scene late in the movie has a traffic jam on a bridge. John Candy tells a semi-truck driver that he needs to get through the traffic. The driver proceeds to shove his way through the sitting cars. He shoves a blue mid-70's Nova up on top of another car.
70sFootloose1984[Light Yellow]
Bullet1968(Steve Mcqueen)
70-72The Rockford Files: Feeding Frenzy0[Gold] with a white top wrecks down a hillside at the end of the show.
73Castroil Motor Oil Commercial0Police Chase
75-79Daylight1996(Sylvester Stalone) Burned out Hulk of a nova visible inside a tunnel.
77Soul Survivors2001Nova appears right after they leave the club and crashes into the explorer.
75-79Brady Bunch Special0Bobby was injured in a race car.
77Forest Gump1994First thing you see on the screen.
77-78Eddie & The Cruisers83[Blue] had brake noise.
76Walker, Texas Ranger0[Yellow] SS
My Classic Car1999Yenko Reunion
73-74Commando1985(Arnold Schwarzenegger) Nova in parking garage next to a red convertible that Arnold Schwarzenegger rips the seat out of 68-72 Nova 4 (Need to know name of the movie) door after Arnold Schwarzenegger jumps out of a wounded Jet he lands on the roof of a car in the junk yard, nest to him is the Nova.
77-88Gleaming The Cube1989(Christian Slater) Nova is seen just after the door gets ripped off the chase car.
68-69Fear1996(reese Witherspoon) (Mark Wahlburg) Nova is seen just outside of the house her father trashes.
65Adam 12: Credit Risk0Nova In Background On Street, "Routine Patrol" 73-74 Brown 4 Door Nova Gets Pulled Over, "Child In Danger" White 68-72, Dark Color 66-67 Ht In Back Ground While They Are Talking To Someone. "Air Drop" 68-72 White Four Door Used At The End Of The Show By The Cops 10-24-00.
Hawai Five O0Novas spotted
69-72Maximum Exposure2000In a chase scene does a reportedly 110 mph then leaves the road and goes airborne.
68-72Hoffa1992(Jack Nicholson) (Danny Divito) Nova seen int he back ground just before the Cadillac is blown up.
68-72Annie Hall1977[Red][Green] (Woody Allen) (Diane Keating)
75-79F/X1986About 3/4 of the way into the movie during a chase scene with the F/X van a white Nova wrecks in the intersection behind the van.
68-72Memento2000Close to the end of the movie there is a guy driving a late model jaguar conv and he passes Victory Auto Glass Blue 68-72 Nova parked in the street.
62Doppelganger1993Starring Drew Barrymore. Convertible spotted. `62 Gauge cluster, hood & truck emblem, `63 grill, appears to have generic body side molding. Possibly another 62-65 nova on the street parked behind a Ford van and a red 68-72 Nova.
66-67Meteor1979Sean connery, Natilie Wood, Henry Fonda. The first par of the movie the actor gets off a boat and then into a 66-67 Nova 4 Dr cab.
66Grand Theft Parsons2003`66 Nova Wagon - Blonde girl driving, 73-74 appears to show both Novas multiple times.
73-74Super 8201173-74 Maroon 4 Door on Street and drive way. 73-74 2 Door also appeared.
19683 oclock High1987It is in the scene where Jerry Mitchell (nerd), fights Buddy Revell after school.
68For Pete's Sake1974With Barbara Streisand. Scene in junk yard out of side office, a 68-69 is seen in the window. Also a scene when she is coming out of a man hole, a 64 2D Sedan is seen on the road.
73A Lesser Evil1998Maroon colored 73-74 Nova gets shot up, also while kids were fighting in a scene there was a Nova in the background.
Two Weeks Notice2002After RV starts moving on the bridge 4th car back in the opposing lane is a 73-74 Nova, just before they are picked up by the helicopter.
Cobra1986Sylvester Stallone 50 Merc pushes a 64 Chevy out of its parking space near the beach, the nova is just behind the Merc after it is parked.
75Calendar Girl Murders1984Sharon Stone Beige; 1975 Nova 2 door used as an unmarked police car
73-74The Trial of Billy Jack1974Yellow 73-74 sitting on carport
75-79The Americans TV Drama Series20132-Door Nova
70-72The Lonely Girl1984Light Blue Nova. With Steve Martin.
68-72The Middle2009When Axle graduated his parents gave him the keys to a 68-72 Nova 4 door
73-74Marathon Man1967Nova on street during fire truck scene
62-65Wait Until Dark1997Nova wagon comes out to greet the air plane at the airport
62Truck Turner197463 Conv spotted on the right as the chase with the pink continintal comes to an end. During gun fight in parking lot a nice 66-67 white SW is seen.
68-72Innerspace1987On HWY at the end of the movie.
66Prefontaine1997Nova seen on road after runners pass protesters
1964American Gangster2007Parked 64 Nova seen when police follow suspect into the city also gold 70 Nova parked on street when the gangsters are giving out turkeys
1967Batman Episode 1001967Catwoman is driving the batmobile with batman in pursuit a 62-65 SW with luggage rack turns in the back ground
68-723 Days of the Condor1975Blue 68-72 on the street.
77The Gauntlet1977While in the constable's car, a 62-65 Nova passes in the other lane.
63The Enforcer1976Just before Callahan goes to the church 63 white SW goes down the road.
70-72Blue Steel1990Jamie Lee Curtis gets shot while standing behind a 70-72 brown 4 door.
65Kindergarten Cop1990Near end of movie 65 HT red with white top seen on right parked.
60Love Story1970White Nova Wagon spotted on the street.

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