Event Schedule

2014 Event Schedule

Date Location Name Info
Jan 18-19 Nashville, TN Nashville Auto Fest TN State Fairgrounds - Deliveries only, space near main entrance.
Feb. 2
Nashville, TN Stones River AACA Swap Meet TN State Fairgrounds - Deliveries only, space A95
Feb. 21-23 Louisville, KY Carl Casper's Custom Auto Show  KY State Fairgrounds - Deliveries Only, VV Cooke Car display in the South Wing
Feb. 28 - Mar. 1 Old Town, FL Nova Mini National Convention Deliveries only
Mar. 8-9
Louisville, KY KYANA Swap Meet KY State Fairgrounds - Row DD & EE Space 1 & 2, North end of West Wing Pavilion
Apr. 23-26 Carlisle, PA Spring Carlisle  Row J Space 35
Jul. 17-19 Columbus, OH National Nova Convention (Call the nova club for more info: 717-252-4192)
Jul. 31 -
Aug. 3
Louisville, KY Street Rod Nationals Deliveries only, or stop by the shop and pick up your orders!
Oct. 2-4
Carlisle, PA Fall Carlisle  Row J Space 35
Oct. 18-19 Louisville, KY Collector Car Fest KY State Fairgrounds - Deliveries Only
Nov. 21-23 Moultrie, GA Moultrie Meet Spence Field Expo Center - Deliveries Only
Nov. 27-30 Daytona, FL Turkey Rod Run Deliveries Only, Red Row 24, Space 582-583
Nov. 30
Indianapolis, IN Super Sunday Swap Meet IN State Fairgrounds - Deliveries Only

Free delivery on your prepaid orders to any of the events listed above.  Check this page for any changes or cancellations.  Call to confirm our space location and attendance.

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