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Project 7245 ready to go.
Familiar Cars in Unfamiliar Places 

We simply ran out of gas and knowledge on the 7245 project, so we called up Bowler Performance Transmissions but discovered they were booked until November. Mark, president of Bowler, recommended a shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. So we loaded up the 7245 on the trailer and dropped it off about three weeks ago.
As we drove up, we noticed a strangely familiar 71 nova parked near the shop. It was a true autocross car at 650 hp. Upon further inspection, we realized we saw it at the SEMA Show last year. The car belonged to shop co-owner, Dan. His 71 had the same theme that I wished my 7245 would soon have, so I felt totally comfortable leaving my car in his capable hands. 

- The GM Classics Crew

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1962-1964 Bumper Front

1962- 1972 Vacuum Hose

1970- 1972 Bumper Front

1966-1967 Bumper Front

Races, and Shows, and Vendors! Oh my!
Holley LS Fest was a Hit

We attended the Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky a few weekends ago. We went to the inaugural Fest in 2010- five years later, the show has grown immensely! It was fantastic to watch the drag races, attend the auto cross events, peruse the car show, and visit many of the vendors. Any one who owns an automobile with an LS engine was invited to attend.
1998 was the first year for the LS engine and there has been no competition since. Holley engines -and their shows- are proven to be the best and will continue to produce great products and engaging events.
A Vette tears it up at the LS Fest.

Snapshots from the Bluegrass State
Local Show

At a recent local show there were over 1100 cars present. Check out a few of the Novas that made a showing. 

'65 Update

We finally put a motor in the '65 last week. It has been 32 years since it last had an engine in it- the last time was in 1983 before I wrecked it. Now that the car has a soul, the only thing left was the final touches. I came across a factory trailer hitch while sifting through my NOS indoor junkyard. I installed it, and I have to say, it looks pretty snazzy. Using a friend's homemade tool, we also put the trunk lid back on. Next, we put in an LED taillight conversion (our part number 73057). 

New engine in the '65.
Last, we installed a vacuum trunk release- a pull handle mounts on the glove box. When I tug the handle it creates a vacuum and pulls an activator mounted in the trunk, effectively popping the lid­.

Click here to see more photos of this Project 65 SS Update

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