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October Edition
October 18, 2011

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

Fall is upon us! After such a hot summer it is good to have nice fall weather. So hit all of the cruise nights you can before the cold weather hits you!

If you are in the state of Kentucky check out our sponsored site: for local cruise information. If you have cruise information to contribute then you may submit your show.

The Moultrie Show and Turkey Rod Run are coming up in November. But, our next show is the Collector Car Fest in Louisville, KY this weekend. Place your orders now to get free delivery to the show! Check out our events page for more information.

We have a coupon for $50 off your next purchase of $500 or more that is valid until the end of October 2011. Mention the coupon on the phone or in your next internet order to receive the discount.  


I want to take this time to personally thank all of the customers and / or friends for their birthday wishes. The big 5-0 is a turning point for sure! 

Joe Grom JR.

-GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only


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Free Nova eMail Tech Support available. 
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October Featured Nova: Lloyd Knevelbaard

October Featured Nova - Lloyd Knevelbaard  

Lloyd & Michelle Knevelbaard - Wellington, FL


1970 Nova SS Clone completely restored. Purchased on EBay, Sept. 2010, Completed February, 2011. Every nut, bolt, washer and screw has been replaced or refinished on this car and done right with 1970's era specific exterior modifications... Read more on Lloyd Knevelbaard's featured Nova page. 

Nova Poll Series: Z-bars

Chevy Nova Polls


 Where were you when your z-bar broke?

Many Nova lovers, classic car drivers and Friday night cruisers have experienced the common tragedy of a broken Z-bar. We are sure you remember when it happened to you and we would like you to share when, where and why it happened!   


Submit your story of how your Nova z-bar broke


New Parts:
Door Hinge Pin
Door Hinge Pin: $6:95



New part for the 1967 Nova, the door hinge pin P/N: 53060. 

Heater Control Cable Retaining Nut
Heater Control Cable Retaining Nut: $6.95



New part for 1962 -1965 Novas, the heater control cable retaining nut. P/N 07102 

Nova OEM Fan Spacer Water Pump to Fan
OEM V8 Fan Spacer: $24.95



New part for 1962 -1979 Novas, an OEM V8 2" Water Pump to Fan Spacer. P/N 07047 

Pleasanton NNN Mini-Nats:
Pleasanton NNN Mini Nats 2011


Check out some photos of the Pleasanton 2011 Mini-Nats
taken by John Olson.

Upcoming Events:

Collector Car Fest - Louisville, KY

October 22-23 


Check out our events page for details on this event.

Also, be sure to get your orders in ASAP if you are attending and would love to take advantage of the free parts delivery we provide to all of our events.


Wanted: Information on the "mud flap":

Nova Mud Flap  

We are looking for information on the "mud flap" that is found on the driver's side front inner fender well. We have found this on a `72 and a `68. If you have any info on this send an email to


Also, check out and contribute to our Nova Spotter's Guide! 

Updated Part:
Dash Nut Tool: $11.95


This part has been updated, it is used for the installation or removal of the headlight switch nut, dash bezel nuts, heater nuts, etc.  


Shop for the Nova Dash Nut Tool 


Nova Crazy!
Nova Comic Book
"The Man Called Nova" Comic Book
Rare Nova Item:
Rare Nova Tent Option
Rare Nova Tent Option

Check out our rare listing of Nova Options.
PUI Price Changes:

PUI [Image] 



PUI announced that their will be price increases starting October 1, 2011.


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