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November Edition
10 November 2014

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


Hey GM Classics family, how is it going? As the holiday season approaches, be sure to ask your special one to get you one of our gift certificates by calling our parts hotline at 502-239-8487! Write that number down if you don't already have it on speed-dial!


Junior is currently out at the SEMA show in Las Vegas - be sure to check in next month for some photos of that massive event!


As our 2014 event schedule comes to a close we want to remind you of a couple more events that we will be attending to wrap up the year...


Moultrie Meet

November 21-23 in Moultrie, GA at the Spence Field Expo Center. We will be leaving this event on Saturday afternoon. 


Turkey Rod Run

November 27-30 in Daytona, FL. We'll be set up on Red Row 24, Space 582-583. We will be leaving this event on Saturday afternoon. 


We are offering FREE delivery to either of the above events! Get your orders in ASAP!



- The GM Classics Crew



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November Featured Nova

"Chevy 2 Only is far superior to any other supplier."
- Bob & Sandy Kuhar

"This is the story of my Chevy II. First let me say that I was always a 'horse' person and not a "car person." So all of this is new to me..."

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November Give-Away
We will randomly select a winner from our November 2014 invoices to receive the above price pack! Get your orders in for chances to win!
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1962-1967 Carpet 2 Door
- Many Colors Available
Nostalgic Nova

October Give-Away
The Winner from our October Give-Away was Bo Petty from Red Oak, TX!
Nostalgic Nova


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