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November Edition
20 November, 2013

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


Hey Gm family how is it going? As the holiday season approaches, be sure to ask your special one to get you one of our gift certificates by calling our parts hotline at 502-239-8487! Be sure to write that number down if you don't already have it on speed-dial! Go ahead and post-it on the fridge as well! 


We recently returned from the SEMA show in Las Vegas! This show just keeps getting bigger and better! It was a real treat to be in a warm and sunny climate with the temperature around 80 in the middle of November! For this show, they pull out all the stops, spending tons of money. The best of the best is presented and I can't think of too many manufacturers that were absent. As you can see in the photos, there was a large variety of vehicles ranging from custom like you've never seen to pure stock. The floor plan was divided up so you can seek out your own interest directly or just walk and browse leisurely. I estimate that it would take at least a three-day walk to see it all!  


Another big event, which occurred back in September, was the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction in Nebraska. The collection this family possessed was crazy! Rumor has it that the owner only liked to sell brand new Chevys, so when he took in a trade it was parked! Any unsold new cars were also shoved to the side in order to make way for the new. This left an insane amount of unsold cars piling up to form a historic collection. At this auction there were an estimated 15,000 in attendance and $2.8 million worth of Chevrolet classics were sold! The first 10 cars sold for $676,500 alone! Prices were high and this auction drew bidders from all around the world.  


One thing that I recently learned was from two cars at the auction that still had their window stickers... as well as the carpet and hubcaps in the trunk? Evidently this is the way GM shipped the cars to the dealers. The carpet and hubcaps were installed as a part of the dealer prep before they hit the showroom. On the GM transport, the cars were covered in transit coating to protect their paint. During dealer prep this was removed by a specific GM approved cleaner (pictured to the right) which was also included with each car. Cool stuff! 


This would have been a neat auction to attend indeed! Oh, and did I mention that the auction was in the middle of nowhere? (Our apologies if one of our readers just happens to live right beside that auction!) Check out some photos we were able to get of two cars that were sold at the auction. 


If you have read this far then you deserve to be rewarded! As a thank-you during Thanksgiving weekend we are offering two deals! First of all, you can enjoy 10% off on in-stock radiators! Secondly, we are offering FREE shipping on ALL orders from our online store of $50 or more! These sales begin Wednesday October 27th at 6pm and end Sunday December 1st at 11:59pm! See the section below for more details and limitations on these offers!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Indy Swap Meet which is the Sunday after Turkey day if you can make it! Take care and don't eat too much!



Nova Tech Man



- The GM Classics Crew



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Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

We have 2 offers for our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

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2. Free shipping on ALL orders from our online store of $50 or more! 
To receive this offer type "Free Shipping Thanksgiving Weekend!" in the comments section of your online order.*

Our Thanksgiving Weekend Sale begins Wednesday November 27th at 6pm and ends Sunday December 1st at 11:59pm!

*(Offers apply
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November 2013 Featured Nova

"I've been a Nova fan ever since I owned a 1963 convertible, almost 40 years ago. Since then, I've owned six more Novas and restored two of them. Most have been 1972 base models, but I've always been on the lookout for a deal on a super sport that hasn't been hacked. So I do like my cars to look original. I first saw this original condition Nova SS over 20 years ago when it was still in primer. It just so happens that a few years ago it came up for sale but since it was now restored, a different color and out-of-state, I didn't recognize it at first..."

Check out the Nick Marsh's Feature Nova Page 
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Nov. 28-30Daytona, FLTurkey Rod RunDeliveries only, stop by and see us! Red Row 24, Spaces 582-583
Dec. 1
Indianapolis, INSuper Sunday Swap MeetIN State Fairgrounds - Deliveries Only

2013 SEMA Show!

Check out some photos we took at the 2013 SEMA Show!  
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1966-1967 Bucket Seat
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1975-1979 Die-Cast Tail Lamp Bezel (Left) 

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1962-1966 Power Steering Conversion Kit  
1966-1967 LH Rear Lower  
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GM Heritage Center

One of our friends was able to visit the GM Heritage Center this month and provided us with some inside pictures! Check out the photos: GM Heritage Center!  
December 2013 Give-Away!

A lucky customer randomly picked from our December 2013 invoices will receive this give-away! Place your order in the month of December for your chance to win! Give-away includes: a Super Chevy magazine and clock, HotRod & Restoration Trade Show booklet, "Jungle Jim" poster, "Johnny Lightning" model car, two Super Sport key rings, and a 1966 ProShop Nova Model! We will announce the winner of this give-away in our January newsletter! 
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