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GM Classics November 2012 News Letter [image]
November Edition
27 November, 2012

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


When I was a kid, along with the twelve month wait for each Sears toy catalog, I anticipated any car or model related catalog to come through the mail. Until I recently ran across a story in Hemmings Muscle machines magazine, I had long forgotten about the AW (Auto World) catalog.


There I saw the new 1970 Chevrolet Nova ThunderJet Ultra-G from AW; just like a little kid again, I had to have it. The industry still knows how to name them for kids (and me)! With a name like "Nova ThunderJet Ultra-G, it was a must have. As a kid they always had the cool HO & model stuff. I really did not know Auto World still existed but sometimes good things are hard to find!   



The Super Sunday Swap Meet in Indy on the 26th was well attended; it was nice to see all of our customers there, deliver a few orders for free, and pass out catalogs to new customers!  

If you are looking for a gift to give your buddy or your spouse who is interested in Novas or any GM Classic, why not give them a GM Classic T-Shirt? Visit our Online Store and browse for T-Shirts to view our full selection.   

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If you still are not sure, gift certificates are always a good choice. GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only offer gift certificates through phone order only, call our GM Classic Parts Hotline at 1-502-239-8487 today to order that gift certificate in time for Christmas or any other special occasion! 

$25 Gift Certificate 

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You may not know this about us, but here at GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only we manufacture quite a few parts for other Nova retailers across the nation. We have been hard at work this year bringing to market some much needed new parts! You will be able to see these parts in our upcoming 2013 catalog! Yes, a new catalog! We hope you are even more excited to get our new catalog in the mail than me upon rediscovering the AW catalog I mentioned earlier.

- The GM Classics Crew


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Project 7245:


GM Classic & Chevy 2 Only's Project 7245
GM Classic & Chevy 2 Only's Project 7245

GM Classic and Chevy 2 Only's Project 7245  


After three years in the making using parts from GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only, the 'puke green' 1972 Nova has transformed into a 530hp beauty! We are currently putting the finishing touches on the project and will be releasing more photos and specs in the upcoming months.


Recently we have been fine tuning Project 7245. We hope to have a dedicated space for this project on our website in the upcoming months with complete specs and parts list for the project. View and comment on photos of 7245 Shop Time: November


Fine Tuning 7245 Nova
Fine Tuning

Shop online for Nova Parts from Chevy 2 Only 


Featured Parts:
1966-67 Distributor Vacuum Stamp










1966-67 Distributor Vacuum Advance P/N 02029 





1962-67 Nova Lower Door Hinge Spring
1962-67 Lower Door Hinge Spring






1962-67 Lower Door Hinge Spring P/N 53014-3 







1962-1966 Neutral  Safety & Back-up Switch
1962-66 Neutral Safety & Back-up Switch







1962-66 Neutral Safety & Back-up Switch P/N 93067  






Tom Cece's 1967 4-Door Project Nova:
1967 Nova 4-Door
Tom Cece's 1967 Nova 4-Door

Tom Cece, Our Featured Nova Owner back from July of 2011, is working on another project; this time it is a 1967 4-Door! View photos of Tom's progress on the 1967 4-Door.

We originally featured Tom for his 1967 Mountain Green Nova Wagon. Read more information about this car on Tom Cece's Featured Nova Page.
Featured Parts:
1966-67 Tailgate End Seal
1966-67 Tailgate End Seal










1966-67 Tailgate End Seal P/N 67048 





Genuine Chevrolet License Plate
Genuine Chevrolet License Plate






Genuine Chevrolet License Plate P/N 96007-23 

(Good Gift!)  






Browse other products at our online Nova Parts store    

December Giveaway:

We will be giving away this prize pack to one lucky customer selected at random from our December 2012 invoices and will announce the winner in our December edition of our monthly newsletter. 
The Nova Spotter's Guide:

Want something to do with your spare time? Check out and contribute to our Nova Spotter's Guide!

To submit content to the guide, navigate to the Nova model which you are
knowledgeable about and "suggest text" for the photos we already have or let us you if you have some photos to contribute along with your text.
1963 Convertible 400 Model suggestion

Thanks Robert Jones for your contribution to the 1964 Station Wagon 400 model!


Bill Jacobson's Wife:
Nostalgic Nova Photos
Bill Jacobson's Wife showing off the new addition to their Nova collection.

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