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November Edition
November 14, 2011

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

     Believe it or not the holidays are here! Start your shopping early 24 hours a day at our online warehouse! We have again issued the popular $50.00 off coupon from November 15th until December 31st! Also, do not forget that we have gift certificates available for any amount.


     Next up is the Moultrie Swap meet and Turkey Rod Run are coming up soon in November. Place your orders now to get free delivery to the Turkey Rod Run. Check out our events page for more information & space location. 


     We recently received several interesting NOS parts into our warehouse, check out the section below for the details.



We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving,


-GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only


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Free Nova eMail Tech Support available. 
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General Motors Centennial!:


      This November marks the centennial of General Motors corporation. Our thanks to avid GM lovers like yourselves for keeping nostalgic GM fresh! The Detroit News has posted an interactive article "General Motors, 100 years old and counting" that is worth checking out to celebrate this event.


NOS Parts:
Door Hinge Pin
`63 NOS Grill


1963 Nova NOS Grill, in the original box! The part has a few slight scratches, we have not had one of these in years! Contact us for more info.

Heater Control Cable Retaining Nut
`67 Hard-Top Nova Rear Trunk Molding



1967 Nova Hard-Top rear trunk molding. This part is a nice NOS and would look great on any show car! Contact us for more info.

Nova OEM Fan Spacer Water Pump to Fan
`67 SS Rear Trunk Lid Molding


 1967 Nova rear trunk lid molding, this part is NOS but not perfect, if you do not wish to pay top price for a mint trunk lid but still want one you can be proud of Contact us about this part!

November Featured Nova:


November 2011 Featured Nova
November 2011 Featured Nova - Grant Cushman 

Grant Cushman - Marion, IA  


On February 22nd, 1964, a green and white four door 1964 Chevy II Nova was sold to Donavan Ellison at the famous Fred Gibb Chevrolet dealership in LaHarpe, Illinois. The Nova was a 194-inline six cylinder, three-speed on the column with dealer installed Fingerhut seat covers... Read more on Grant Cushman's featured Nova page.


Upcoming Events:

Moultrie Meet - Moultrie, GA 

November 18-20**


Turkey Rod Run - Daytona, FL
November 23-27*  


Check out our events page for details on this event.

*Get your orders in ASAP if you are attending and would like to take advantage of the free parts delivery we provide to this event.


**Free parts delivery offer for this event is now closed. 


New Parts: `66 Headlight Bezels & more

Attention: 1966 Nova Headlight Bezels (RH or LH) are now available! 

Door Hinge Pin
Door Hinge Pin: $6:95



New part for the 1967 Nova, the door hinge pin P/N: 53060. 

Heater Control Cable Retaining Nut
Heater Control Cable Retaining Nut: $6.95



New part for 1962 -1965 Novas, the heater control cable retaining nut. P/N 07102 

Nova OEM Fan Spacer Water Pump to Fan
OEM V8 Fan Spacer: $24.95



New part for 1962 -1979 Novas, an OEM V8 2" Water Pump to Fan Spacer. P/N 07047 

Van Nuys Assembly Plant:

     Van Nuys Assembly was a General Motors automobile factory in Van Nuys, California. Opened as a Chevrolet plant in 1947, Van Nuys produced the Chevrolet Corvair, Chevrolet Nova, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. The plant was closed in 1992 when Camaro/Firebird production was moved to Saint Therese Assembly in Quebec.

     The site was razed in 1998. A retail and industrial complex, known as The Plant, resulted on the 68-acre site, as well as Station 81 of the Los Angeles Fire Department.. The retail portion totals 365,000 square feet and is home to 35 retail stores and restaurants. A 16-screen movie theater honors the site history with an automotive theme d├ęcor. GM continues to operate a car-testing facility on 27-acres next to The Plant.

     Van Nuys had been a traditional separate Fisher Body/Chevrolet assembly operation for many years, similar to Norwood, but was one of the first Fisher/Chevrolet plants to be consolidated under GMAD (GM Assembly Division) management in 1967-68, replacing the formerly separate Fisher Body and Chevrolet managements with a single GM Division in charge of the entire operation. By 1969, the former Fisher Body Paint Shop had been expanded so it also accommodated the Chevrolet front end sheet metal, and the former Chevrolet Paint Shop was abandoned. Trim Shop operations were also consolidated, with some formerly separate Fisher Body and Chevrolet Trim operations combined on the existing trim lines. Van Nuys also ran two shifts, and produced 35 cars per hour, or 560 per day, but only half of those were Camaros in 1969 - the other half of their schedule was full-size Chevrolet Impala and Caprice models.
Looking for a good gift?:


      GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only offers gift certificates for the amounts of $25, $50 or $100


Project 7245:


Project 7245: a 1972 Project Nova we have been working on for some time now. View our photos from 7245's November Shop-time.


Nova Poll Series: Z-bars

Chevy Nova Polls


 Where were you when your z-bar broke?

Many Nova lovers, classic car drivers and Friday night cruisers have experienced the common tragedy of a broken Z-bar. We are sure you remember when it happened to you and we would like you to share when, where and why it happened!   


Submit your story of how your Nova z-bar broke


Nova Crazy!

Chevys at night.
Rare Nova Item:

Nova painted side trim, done well!


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