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November Edition
November 5 , 2010
Dear GM & Nova Nut,

Fall is officially here or is it winter already?   The weather for the most part is finally cooling off in most parts of the country. To say the least, it was one hot summer! We usually gauge the hot weather by our radiator sales and they sold like crazy!!!

By the way did you know Christmas is just around the corner!  I just had to mention it right?  Better prepare your wish list early by visiting our improved online nova store.  Gift certificates can be purchased by family & loved ones so that you can have a GM Christmas!  Place your orders early for our next shows, space is limited!

Best wishes,

GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only

PS: Did I mention our holiday gift to you?  Free shipping, yes you heard it... FREE! Offer effective until December 31st 2010! See bottom block for details.

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Our holiday gift to you: Free shipping, yes you heard it FREE!  Until December 31st 2010! See bottom block for details.
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"What's your favorite Nova model?" Recent Results:

62-65: 28% (283)
66-67: 46% (475)
68-72: 18% (184)
73-74: 5% (52)
75-79: 3% (28)
Thank you for all of your ideas for upcoming polls!

 Popularity of the 66-67 Nova

     In transition from the first gen Novas (62-65) the 66-67 Nova underwent drastic style changes to become what collectors view as the most desirable make and model.  It simply looked faster and with the availability of the 66 L-79 motor it was!  With Hurst shifter, Hooker headers & a 4:11 these little monsters would eat some pavement.  If you were into going slow in style the 66 Super Sport was also available with a Six Banger!

     The 1966 Nova provided Chevrolet with the most flexible marketing alternatives of any classic car in American automotive history. Advertising focused on the '66 Nova as a practical and economical vehicle with a sense of style. The same mild-mannered vehicle quickly turned into a high performance machine with an engine upgrade, creating what the hot rod community refers to as a "sleeper". Therefore the 66-67 years remain the most popular Nova years among enthusiast today.

Reference Section: `66 Options, `67 Options, Alignment Specs, Did you know?

Fall Carlisle:

Featured Nova

This year the Fall Carlisle show was rain filled on Thursday, 4 inches to be exact, and we were lucky not to get more.  As long as I have been going this was the only time this meet has been rained out for even a day!  As you can tell from the photos, vendors like us, who take the time to go, are getting to be a rare commodity.  The show is at least 50% memorabilia now and growing.  All in all, it is still one of the best shows in the country.
New Part:

Detroit Speed Front Frame

Bare metal and un-assembled or Black powdercoat and assembled.


Featured Nova:

Featured Nova

If you would like to have your nova featured in our Featured Novas Section or images posted in our Customer's Cars Gallery please email for more information.

Jungle Jim photos uncovered!

Rare Stuff

GM Welding top found still attached to a `72 Nova.
"That's truly a first! Must have been one of those 'D' grade students."
Chevy 2 Only Expands:

GM Classics: As you have seen in the past we have slowly integrated GM Classics logos into most of our online and printed material.  We have not sold out to another company but are simply expanding our product line, look for business cards included with your order.

What does this mean for you the customer?  First of all you can expect us to handle the business of Novas as usual, the same great service & tech support you are used to! 

Also you will get the added bonus of us helping you with any of your other GM Classic or muscle car parts.  Please call or email us with any questions or requests!

GM Classic parts Hotline: 502-239-8487
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During the holiday season free shipping is offered on orders of $100 or more to the 48 Contiguous United States. Offer applies to in stock merchandise shipped via normal USPS & UPS ground service only. Offer does not include items shipped via air or truck service, any large item that is oversize or items that require drop shipping. Free Shipping offer effective until December 31st 2010. Offer does not apply to previous orders. Enjoy! - GM Classics

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