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Heartland Nova Reunion, "OEM" Battery, and more!

We are just in from the Spring Carlisle meet! The weather was great and it was wonderful to see our regulars there; thanks for all your kind words and for stopping by the booth to chat.

Coming up in June is the Heartland Nova Show in Bettendorf, Iowa. Get your orders in early because our space is limited! If you would like to attend this show, with or without your Nova, see the flyer below in this newsletter. This show has always been a good one, if you've never been: now is the time!

There is nothing new to note on our project cars since last month, we have been super busy!

Thank you for using GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only for your Nova needs!

- the GM Classics Crew

See more photos at Jack Duer's Featured Nova Page

I purchased my 1966 L-79 Nova SS in May of 2012 after owning and restoring a few other 67 SS's. The Purchase was a very good but a very sad situation, I purchased it from a very good friend of mines wife after he had passed away. Some of you may have known him and his outstanding black 1966 L-79 , Clyde Martin. I never forget the day Clyde called me and told me he had purchased the car. I knew of the car for many years and had judged it many times at the Nova Nationals. I knew the car was a real L-79


Our new 66 SS deck lid panel molding is being test fitted.  Our hope is that by the end of the year we will have a finished product ready to sell!  This has been a long time coming and a much needed part.
"OEM" Battery

View more photos of the swap.

About a year ago I installed a new reproduction period correct OEM style battery costing $260.00... these are not cheap! 

After only 12 months it had gone bad, so I decided to experiment...  

I took the expensive restoration battery and removed everything inside of it leaving just the outside OEM looking case.  I purchased a new 500 cold cranking amp (CCA) battery used in the larger Harley Davidson motorcycles.  This battery is the highest CCA of a small battery.  I then cut a new piece of ΒΌ" plastic to fit and form the new bottom for the "restoration" battery.  I glued the new smaller battery to the new bottom, this keeps the battery centered in the OEM outside case.  There was plenty of room around the new (inside) battery and the outer case but only about 1/8" clearance at the top.  The restoration battery had wire leads attached to the top posts.  I lengthened the positive side to 15", then connected positive and the negative leads to the new battery.  These leads have to be that long so you can take apart the assembly.  

This battery is also an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery and with the 500 CCA it supplies is well over the 380 CCA of an original 1966 battery.  This new combination battery spins over the motor great, is much stronger, and way faster than the reproduction battery when it was brand new.

Is it cheating? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely.




Congrats to Leo from Cheyenne, WY on winning our April Give-Away!

Click to shop online.

One lucky customer will receive the above prize-pack!

Pack includes:
  • Signage to protect your ride.
  • Super Chevy Nova Magazine
  • Two Nova HotWheels
The winner will be selected from our May 2016 invoices! 

Be sure to shop during the month of May to be eligible to win!


The 9th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion is coming up June 23-25 in Bettendorf, IA. Click here for the event registration form. 


Click to shop online.

One very lucky customer will receive the above prize!

Important Note: as great as it would be to give away a real Nova to one of our loyal customers, out budget dictated that we settle for the above model instead.

The winner will be selected from our 2016 invoices!

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