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May Edition
12 May, 2013

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


In June the Heartland Nova Reunion will be taking center stage in Iowa; this show has been building momentum each year almost matching the attendance of the Nova Nationals! They do a great job with this show and it is a lot of fun! So if you can, be sure to make plants to attend the Heartland Nova Reunion in June!


As you can see below we have a special brick in the give-away this month. It came from the first Corvette assembly plant in Flint, MI. These collectors' bricks are being sold at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Be sure to stop by if you are traveling on I-65 this summer and take a tour of the only current Vette plant. Also a company that has been around for awhile, Car Art Work, donated one of their Nova items for the give-away this month. A winner will be selected from our May 2013 invoices.


We found some early Chevy II info on the fuel injection that is featured below. We have never seen a real car with these options and the paperwork to prove it? Let us know if you have!


It's May and time to drive your ride to the Spring shows! Hot weather is coming soon so be sure to check out our selection of "superior cooling" Radiators for your Nova!


Keep it cool!



- The GM Classics Crew



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May 2013 Featured Nova: Bobby Watson

"I bought the car January 2009 when it was just a body with boxes and buckets of old parts and pieces. First, I started stripping the car to find out that the car was covered with bondo. (Ever had that happen to you?) I finished stripping the entire car and changed out the quarters and taillight section then added 2 new front fenders and a cowl hood. The car was painted June of 2010 and then I started putting it all together and had the it on the road August 2012!" - Bobby Watson

Find out more about this ride on Bobby Watson's Featured Nova page. 
Featured Parts:

The Heartland Nova Reunion

The Eastern Iowa Nova Club is hosting their 6th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion on June 21 & 22, 2013. The Heartland Nova Reunion is one of the largest all Nova shows in the nation, and is conveniently located in the middle of the Heartland! Visit the Heartland Nova Reunion's web page for more information. 
May Prize Pack

One lucky customer will be selected at random from our May 2013 invoices. Their prize pack will include a GM Classics &
Chevy 2 Only hat, Hot Wheel, Collectable Brick from the historic Corvette Assembly plant in Flint, MI and a Car Art Work Nova emblem. Get your orders in for a chance to win!

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`Vette Engine in a Nova?


"We've been hearing rumors of a Corvette V-8 option in the Chevy II ever since it was introduced two years ago. Last year, Chevrolet developed a rather elaborate kit to permit their dealers to install the 327-cubic-inch engine in the Chevy II chassis. The necessary space and even the motor-mount holes were provided when the car was originally designed; the kit supplied all the other necessary external parts for the switch. A number of very successful competition cars were built up with the Corvette "327" engine - though the high price of the swap kit limited its sales.


But that's all in the past now. For 1964, you'll be able to order the Corvette engine in your Chevy II off the factory assembly line. This much is pretty certain now. Whether they'll offer the 327- or283-cubic-inch blocks or both - and what engine equipment will be offered: hot cams, fuel injection, etc. - isn't certain yet. When Chevy officials were considering production-line installations of Corvette V-8 engines in the '62 Chevy IIs, they were leaning toward the "283" blocks only, feeling the extra torque of the "327" wasn't needed in this light car. But the 1964 Chevy II will be an all-new car - new body with a regular perimeter frame under it, longer, wider, and heavier. They can use more punch now. So the '64 V-8 option will probably be the 327-cubic-inch block. And all the equipment options up to the 360-hp fuel-injection, solid-lifter version should be offered. Also the four-speed Corvette transmission will be in this package.


There have been persistent rumors that aluminum versions of this engine would be used in the Chevy II - similar to the special engines made up for some of the big-time competition boys (before the recent GM anti-racing policy). It's certainly true that production aluminum engines are under intensive development at Chevrolet, but you probably won't see one in 1964. Maybe later. Even with the standard cast-iron engine, total weight of the 1964 Chevy II V-8 package won't be any higher than the Corvette coupe. Acceleration with a given engine should be comparable - at least up to 70-80 mph, where wind resistance starts to hold back the Chevy II."


Also, check out this related article `Vette Under Cover... 


Click to view larger version.

Here at GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only, it seems we had a similar idea and applied it to a few model years later. Our Project 7245 Nova has a Corvette LS3 under the hood.


Project 7245 Nova



Nova Compressor Self Destruct:

Nostalgic Nova Photo:

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