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GM Classics May 2012 News Letter [image]
May Edition
25 May, 2012

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

      The Carlisle swap meet at the end of April had a decent crowd, it was great to meet many of you face to face. The weather was fairly co-operative; there was some rain over night and good temperatures during the day, somehow we dodged any real bad weather! Ten inches of snow fell in the surrounding states the day before we arrived!


      Also at the show, we had a nice polished alternator stolen from our booth, our swap-meet neighbors selling antiques lost a $1,200.00 item, and a dealer lost a trailer as well as $13,000 dollars worth of Chevelle & Camaro inventory!  The latter made the local news. It is sad you cannot set up to meet your customers and deliver parts without something disappearing!  I think we were lucky in that our only loss was the $200.00 alternator.  


      Onto brighter things, last week we had the opportunity to drive 3 hours east from Louisville to West Liberty, Ky to visit Fast Eddies Nova salvage yard.  I had met Eddie years ago at a swap meet but never had time to go see the sight!  The sight to see is 75 Novas in one salvage yard with little else. Yes, all Novas or the occasional and somewhat equal Pontiac. Eddie's is mowed and weed-eated enough that you can shop with shorts on - not many junk yards are like this!  Eddie has been into Novas for 15 years and has accumulated literally tons of Nova stuff!  He also rebuilds 4 speed transmissions. The hospitality Eddie showed us was awesome as was the tour.  Here at Chevy 2 Only & GM Classics we have parted out over 400 Novas but to see a quantity of 75 Novas in one spot was just shy of a National Convention!   


      While at Eddie's we took many photos of Fast Eddies Nova salvage yard. Included in these photos are some shots of the town of West Liberty that is rebuilding after the March tornadoes hit the town.  It passed within a mile of Eddies place!  If you would like to contact Eddie feel free to do so at 606-522-4986 (Note:  Eddie does not ship parts!  If you want something you will have to visit his place, it is a beautiful scenic area, and you will enjoy the ride!)


      Also included in this newsletter are photos of the Nova Mini National Convention in Old Town, FL March 2,3 of this year.


      The 66 Headlight bezels are now in stock, USA made and the overseas ones. Both have been selling well! 


      The National Nova Convention is coming up soon: July 19-21 in Gettysburg, PA. Place your orders early because space will be limited for free delivery!   



Your GM Classics Crew

Need any help with your GM Classic, you know how to reach us! 

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May Featured Nova:


May 2012 Featured Nova: Vincent Mayeda
May 2012 Featured Nova

May 2012 Featured Nova: 

Vincent Mayeda 
Chino Hills, CA  


From the cowl tag, this 1963 Chevy II Super Sport started life on the third week of December 1962 in Oakland, CA. According to the original bill of sale that my grandmother gave me after I took possession of the car, the Chevy II SS was originally purchased by my grandfather on October 5, 1963 at Chase Chevrolet in Stockton, CA for $2,602.00. It has been in the family ever since... Read more at Vincent Mayeda's Featured Nova page. 


New Parts:
VV Cooke Chevrolet License Place
VV Cooke Chevrolet License Place



VV Cooke Chevrolet License Plate  

P/N: 95044-1 Nova Radio CD Bezel 1966-1967
P/N:103120, $249.95



1968-1974 Nova Dash Panel Assembly Structure


Placed under dash pad and glove box. The ash tray fits into this. 


P/N 26099


1962-1967 Steering column to floor lower plate


 Includes gasket, used for aftermarket IDIDIT columns. 











P/N: 95044-1 Nova Radio CD Bezel 1966-1967
P/N: 73093, $29.95


1962-1964 Nova Red LED Taillight Lens


26 Super bright red LEDs complete with a polycarbonate lens. Solid state circuit boards are 12 Volt. 




The winner for the April 2012 Giveaway is Mike Verdugo from Vista, CA.  


We will be giving away a prize pack this month to a lucky customer! We will select the customer randomly from our May 2012 invoices and announce the winner in our May eNewsletter.   



2012 Major Giveaways!


Along with our monthly giveaways we will also be giving away a $250.00 Gift Certificate to GM Classics / Chevy 2 Only on June 30th, 2012. We will select the winner randomly from the combined monthly invoices of January - June, 2012.


Facebook Page:
Chevy 2 Only's Facebook got a facelift this week. Be sure to like our page!
Chevy 2 Only's Facebook. Be sure to like our page!

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Rare Chevy Tractor seen at the Mount Washington, KY Spring Festival.
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French Lake Auto Parts has been a friend of Chevy 2 Only for many years now. Click the photo above to read an article about the company.

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