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May Edition
May 10, 2011

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

Wow is it wet where you are?  Like most of the country, we have had way too much rain, not to mention all the bad storms, we hope you and your families are safe!


The Carlisle swap meet this past week had a great crowd, nice to meet many of you face to face.  We had reports of quite a few rare and hard to find parts being purchased. It is nice to see that stuff is still around.  Carlisle weather was pretty cooperative this time, just a bit of rain over night and good temperatures during the day.


As of today we test fitted the new `66 Nova headlight bezel (again) tooling has been slow but it will be worth the wait, we hope to have these available by the end of the year.  


If you follow our NEW ITEMS link on our Chevy Nova Online Store you would have seen we now have available: 3 speed manual transmission linkage rubber grommet/bushings, 71-72 bench set foam and 62-63 4 lug rear end flange gaskets.


Project 65 SS is progressing.  It is nice to have a new powder coated 12 bolt rear end arrive in a wood crate ready to bolt in.  We could not resist writing "FRA-GIL-E" on the crate, and as you can see no leg lamp was inside!  So far our new dropped leaf springs appear to be a go!  After experimenting with the leaf spring bushings and width of the reproduction leaf spring eyes in general we have released new leaf spring spacers.  Although this has not been a problem in the past, we think the leaf springs & rear suspension would benefit from being firmly told where to stay! 


Our upcoming shows are the National Nova Convention in Bowling Green, KY & the Street Rod Nats in Louisville, KY. The convention is always great, just seeing that many Novas in one place is a cool thing!  Last year was the first year the Street Rod Nats opened up to Muscle cars and it was a huge success. Plus, an added benefit, all the dealers get to display indoors within the chilly air conditioning! Get your orders in now for these upcoming events!


Have a great week and keep it between the ditches!

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May Feature: Steve Barbato

Steve Barbato has owned 46 Novas over a 42 year span, worked on and crafted countless others for various customers. Read more of his story on his featured Nova page. update: you can now comment on all of our Featured Novas using Facebook. Comment box is located at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming Events:

National Nova Convention - Bowling Green, KY - July 28-29


Street Rod Nationals - Louisville, KY - Aug. 4-7 

Check out our events page for details on this event.

Also, be sure to get your orders in ASAP if you are attending and would love to take advantage of the free parts delivery we provide to all of our events.


New Parts:

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12 Bolt Posi Rear End Powder Coated W/Disc Brakes (P/N 33038-1PCD) 

Leaf Spring Spacer Kit `62-`67 (P/N 27060) 

Rubber 3 Speed Grommets (P/N 17001) 

Bench Seat Foam (P/N 70050-2) 

BB Shroud (P/N 08015-1) 


Trashed Nova:
Trashed Nova [Image]  

Just how bad does a Nova have to be before we'll part with it?

This bad... View more photos here

The Novas Are Coming!:
NNN 2010 [Image]  

The National Nova Convention 2011 is coming up July 28-30 in Bowling Green, KY. Click here to view photos from last years convention.

Nova Cruise & CPP Shop Tour 2011:
Nova Cruise & CPP Shop Tour - 2011
Nova Cruise & CPP Shop Tour - 2011
Watch the YouTube video from CPP

GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only was a sponsor of this great event.

2011 Spring Carlisle:
Spring Carlisle [Image]  

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427 "Semi-Hemi" 

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What does this mean for you the customer?  First of all you can expect us to handle the business of Novas as usual, the same great service & tech support you are used to! 


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