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KYANA Swap Meet this weekend!

This weekend is the Kyana Swap Meet here in Louisville, KY! Will you consider making a trip out to support the show and land some great deals in the process? It's worth the trip alone to take advantage of our free delivery service of your GM Classic orders to the show; time and space are limited, so get your orders in as soon as possible!
Spring Carlisle is also coming up in April! Be sure to check out our events calendar for details on these shows and more.
Project 7245 Update

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Recently we've been experiencing some problems with the fuel pump in our project 7245 car. Last month, it took a simple relay to hear it run again; but the weather wasn't nice enough to take the cool ride for a ride, so we couldn't verify that we had found the final solution. Fast forward to last week, when the weather was nice enough to get some windshield time... No fuel pump a runnin... We used a voltage meter to confirm we had power going to the pump, we did, so we declared the pump to be DOA. This will be pump #3 in this beast's meager 2200 miles. The first screamed like a hungry baby and the second was DOA. We hope to drop the tank next week and take a closer look. The pumps we buy are made in the USA - not cheap knock offs, so maybe there are other underlying problems.
When debugging a project car, we've discovered the best practice is to start with the least expensive component first. We learned this lesson the hard way while attempting to exorcise an electronic demon from a 2001 Camaro which was causing the car to mysteriously enter "low power mode." After dozens of man-hours and hundreds of dollars, the root culprit was discovered to be a mere 10 cent fuse... Lesson learned. 


We finally put our 65 SS together enough to make its first show! Unfortunately, we couldn't drive it to the show because we haven't put the exhaust on it yet... or even started the motor... but it sure looks nice! It was met with good reception at the show; most people couldn't believe that it has been in storage since 1983!

The day after the show, we had new 2.5" exhaust ran with Magnaflow mufflers (it was a time for a change for the sake of change; it's been Flowmasters for years). Soon we'll break in the cam and hear the heartbeat! Exciting times!

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Recently, we used to determine who the selling dealer was for our 65 SS. We found out it was a dealer named EK Roggenkamp Chevrolet about 60 miles from us in Milltown, Indiana. We asked around and not many people have ever heard of it. Milltown has a population of only 807 people; no wonder few people have heard about it! We hear Mr. Roggenkamp is still kicking at 90! When we get the 65 all put together, we plan to drive it there and get some photos in front of the original building.
We're grateful for the good work Chevy Muscle Docs is doing! From their website: "The good news is this should allow you to find the original dealer where your Chevrolet Camaro, Chevelle or Nova was sold and possibly open the door to finding more information about your Chevrolet." This is a great idea and has proven very useful for us here at GM Classics.

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