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March Edition
5 March 2015

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


The Florida Mini Nats has come & gone again, it was nice to meet up with all the Nova people down south. Needless to say, it was warmer there than here! We got to visit with some of our customers and deliver their parts in person.  Check out our photos from Florida.



The next show will be the large Kyana show in Louisville, KY. Our shop is about 35 minutes southeast of this show if you want to come by and say hi! Please get your orders in ASAP if you want to come pick them up while you're at this show. 


This month we have two sales going on for you!


10% off all in-stock radiators 


Spring is around the corner and your ride needs to be cool! Shop online now and search "radiators."



2) 10% off select in-stock used parts.  

Give us a call to check availability. 502-239-8487  



7245 Update


The transmission has been shipped out of state for a check-up. The new clutch setup will be all GM parts from a C6 Z06. We will keep you updated as we go! Check out photos of Project 7245.


Project 65SS Story 


View More Photos


 I purchased this car knowing its rarity on February 11, 1982... that's 33 years ago... Wow, I must have had hair back then! I was still single and living at home when I first got the lead on the car and went to the neighborhood where I knew the car was. I ended up driving around until I found 4 Novas in Wayne Carrier's driveway... all 65s! My eyes were quickly trained on the red 3 pedal car... It appeared to be mostly original and even with a hot 283 in it, it didn't seem to be worn from drag racing which was Wayne's hobby.


The Nova was not for sale at the time; but soon after, the owner needed some racing funds and I got the call! After purchasing the Nova I was able to store it at my work place. Once it was roadworthy I drove it quite a bit for 2 years or so. In 1983 I took it un-restored to one of the first Super Chevy Indy events & to the Street Machine nationals.  


Not too much longer after that, on a dark rainy night with wet leaves, I slid into a culvert lined with rock. The wipers (named slow & slower) just could not keep up with the down pour.  


As the wrecker pulled it out from the back, the Hooker Headers dug into the rock, and the steel cable broke and whizzed between me and the wrecker driver. I remember him saying that we almost lost a head that day, just not sure whose... So, out came a beefier 1/2 inch diameter cable and in a grumbling voice he said "this time we break the car!" If I was sweating you couldn't tell since it was still pouring rain...  


Story to be continued next month! 


We hope you are staying warm!


- The GM Classics Crew



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March Featured Nova: Mitch's Yenko

"A friend of mine found this car in southern Indiana in March of 1990. I took the un-restored photos at his shop. At the time it was the 7th known 69 427 Yenko Nova to be found..." Read more at Mitch's feature Nova page.

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Featured Parts:

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Fuel Pump To Carburetor Lines -
Original Material

Fuel Pump To Carburetor Lines -

2015 Florida Nova Mini Nats
FOR SALE! 1970 Yenko Deuce

1970 Yenko Deuce

Factory hood mounted tachometer
One of two painted Sunflower Yellow with automatic transmission
Has correct original Hurst Auto Stick shifter on floor.
Motor & trans are not numbers matching.
Has correct date coded rear & correct rear sway bar.
Runs & drives but needs complete restoration.



Call 715-459-9060 if you are interested.


Could this possibly may be the last non-restored
Yenko Nova left on the planet?

Check out more photos on our Facebook Page.

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