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GM Classics March 2012 News Letter [image]
March Edition
11 March, 2012

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

      Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Carl Casper Car Show in Louisville, KY. Our 66 L-79 Nova along with 6 other Chevy classics were in a display for the local hi-performance Chevy dealer, VV Cooke Chevrolet, that closed around 1981. For the entire muscle car era this was a happenin place! They outsold all other dealers in this area for years. (Photos from the VV Cooke Display). Other than a couple of the guys involved I had never met the other gearheads on the scene! What a bunch of nice guys! This display was so deep we even had the same style uniforms that the mechanics wore. Roy showed up looking like a 60s era salesman and everyone in a white coat was called a doctor or a meat cutter - an unexpected response from our customers! All in all we had a great time & were invited back next year for the 50th Carl Casper show.
      Along the same lines, did you know that this is the 50th anniversary for the Nova? Yes the 1962 is now 50 Years old! To celebrate this we are going to ask those who are original owners (who still have their car) to write up a short story to be shared in our next few newsletters. Or if you have any old story about a `62 we would like to hear from you as well. 
      At the end of July we plan to giveaway one $250.00 gift certificate to one lucky customer who ordered in that 6 month period & another gift certificate for the same amount at the end of the year.
      As a reminder: Get your orders in ASAP for the big Kyana show March 10th & 11th and also the Indianapolis show March 25th. Get your orders in for these shows as soon as possible to take advantage of free delivery to the show. Spring Carlisle is the end of April, make your plans now to be there! (View photos from Spring Carlisle 2011).  

Your GM Classics Crew

Need any help with your GM Classic, you know how to reach us! 

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March Featured Nova:


March 2012 Featured Nova: Steve Dembinski Howell, NJ
March 2012 Featured Nova

March 2012 Featured Nova: 

Steve Dembinski 
Howell, NJ


"One Sunday afternoon I decided to surf the online classifieds to kill some time. I was NOT in the market to purchase any vehicle. I was "just looking" to see what was out there. There was a "new post" made moments before I logged on and it caught my eye. It read "1967 Nova - All Original". Having built a few of these before, I knew the body style and was inclined to take a look at the ad. The pictures looked good so I decided to email the seller. I asked the condition of the floor and trunk and if all the parts were still with the car. He replied fairly quickly saying the car was "pretty solid", had a clean title and was complete but disassembled. The words "pretty solid" and the super low asking price of $5,500 scared me..." Read more at Steve Dembinski's Featured Nova page. 


New Parts:
1968-1972 Nova Front Inner Fender mud Flap (LH Side)
1968-1972 Front Inner Fender mud Flap (LH Side)



`86-`72 Nova Front inner fender mud flap. LH side only. Installs on driver's side, front inner fenderwell, protects speed cable, parking cable, rear brake line.

P/N: 95044-1 Nova Radio CD Bezel 1966-1967
P/N: 95044-1, $119.95



1966-1967 Nova Radio CD Bezel / Face Plate (Silver, Plastic, With Bracket)


*Opening measures 2 1/8" X 7 1/8" 


P/N 81256-2 $0.99


1966-1967 Vinyl Top Molding Clip (Plastic) 














GM Classics January Give-away
February 2012 Prize!

The winner for the February 2012 Giveaway is  Dennis Dunlap, of Milton, West West Virginia.  


We will be giving away a prize pack this month to a lucky customer! We will select the customer randomly from our March 2012 invoices and announce the winner in our April eNewsletter. 



2012 Major Giveaways!


Along with our monthly giveaways we will also be giving away a $250.00 Gift Certificate to GM Classics / Chevy 2 Only on June 30th, 2012. We will select the winner randomly from the combined monthly invoices of January - June, 2012.


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Chevy 2 Only's Facebook got a facelift this week. Be sure to like our page!
Chevy 2 Only's Facebook got a facelift this week. Be sure to like our page!

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Project 7245 March Shop Time
Project 7245 March Shop Time

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Ron Cott's Nova
Ron Cott's Nova

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