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GM Classics June 2012 News Letter [image]
June Edition
2 July, 2012

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

      June has been a busy month! We were able to travel on the Hot Rod Power Tour for three of the seven stops including: Champaign, IL; Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, IL; and Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, OK. We met several of our customers on the road and saw such a variety of vehicles that it is hard to summarize for you here, but check out photos from the Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 and you will get a good idea of what it was like! On the way to Gateway Drag strip we (all 3-4,000 cars) were invited to tour the Mid America Corvette Plant - what a neat place - they even fed us a free lunch!


      The red bucket seat you see in one of the photos was found by a neighbor of mine at a yard sale! It was the one millionth corvette seat built by the Lear Corporation here in Kentucky. I thought of our friend Mike, the owner of Mid America, who had it on display for about ten years.


      A few weekends back I had the opportunity to attend the Hot Rod Reunion in Bowling Green, KY. What a neat show this was, packed with all kinds of cars! The drag racing is one of a kind, everything but a hand drop! Reminded me of my trips to the 1/8 mile track near my home back in the 80s!


      The Nova convention is coming up soon, we need to get your orders in ASAP if you want free delivery to the show; space is limited!



Your GM Classics Crew

Need any help with your GM Classic, you know how to reach us! 

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May Featured Nova:


June 2012 Featured Nova: Ted Petine
June 2012 Featured Nova

June 2012 Featured Nova: 

Ted Petine 
Bloomfield, NJ   


I bought this Nova unseen from a broker in Canada. This is actually a Canadian built Nova!  This car retains all of its original qualities including the factory stampings in the gutters of the trunk... Read more at Ted Petine's Featured Nova page. 


New Parts:
VV Cooke Chevrolet License Place
VV Cooke Chevrolet License Place



VV Cooke Chevrolet License Plate  

P/N: 95044-1 Nova Radio CD Bezel 1966-1967
P/N:103120, $249.95



1968-1974 Nova Dash Panel Assembly Structure


Placed under dash pad and glove box. The ash tray fits into this. 


P/N 26099


1962-1967 Steering column to floor lower plate


 Includes gasket, used for aftermarket IDIDIT columns. 











P/N: 95044-1 Nova Radio CD Bezel 1966-1967
P/N: 73093, $29.95


1962-1964 Nova Red LED Taillight Lens


26 Super bright red LEDs complete with a polycarbonate lens. Solid state circuit boards are 12 Volt. 





The winner of our 2012 Major Giveaway will be announced soon!   




2012 Major Giveaways!


Along with our monthly giveaways we will also be giving away a $250.00 Gift Certificate to GM Classics / Chevy 2 Only on June 30th, 2012. We will select the winner randomly from the combined monthly invoices of January - June, 2012.


Project 7245: June 2012 Update
Project 7245: a 1972 Nova built 4 Joe Grom 5 owned by GM Classics.
Project 7245: a 1972 Nova built 4 Joe Grom 5 owned by GM Classics.

2012 Hot Rod Power Tour:
Hot Rod Power Tour 2012 Chevy Camaro
Hot Rod Power Tour 2012

Rare Hurst Shifter Kit:
Hurst Shifter Custom Tunnel Kit
Hurst Shifter Custom Tunnel Kit

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