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Last chance to get free delivery to the Nova Convention!

The last day to call in your orders for the National Nova Convention is this Thursday, July 16th, our space is limited so call in your order ASAP by calling our Nova Parts Hotline: 502-239-8487. 


It is hard to believe it has been a year since the Columbus Nova Convention!


National Nova Convention July 22-24, Dover, Delaware

Call the Nova Club for more info: 717-252-4192


We hope to see you there! 

View more photos.

View more photos.

As we were installing the LS7 pressure plate onto the flywheel, we discovered the

bolts for the LS3 would not work. They simply would not let the pressure plate seat onto the flywheel, so we ordered the LS7 bolts from GM and they worked perfectly. It's amazing how specifically engineered all of the LS parts are!   


After we jumped over that hurdle, we are now contemplating changing the clutch master cylinder. We originally thought the line fitting seal was a common o'ring, but it's actually a specialty seal that is not available without having to buy the whole assembly. If we switch, the new replacement master cylinder will have to be modified to be adjustable like the current one is. The more we work on this transmission the more problems we have that must be satisfied in order to move to the next step...
Click here to view photos from our July update!


Disc Brakes also look better...
Does your ride have them yet?

The rear end has finally been assembled along with the posi unit and disc brakes. In case you don't know, putting disc brakes on your Nova will increase your braking by 30%! We love discs on all four corners!   


We also upgraded to multi-leaf springs; these are superior to the factory mono springs. Multi-leaf springs consist of 3 springs to wear out (instead of one) and the weight capacity and ride height are both maintained.  


We also have included some of the photos of the body work & paint booth.


Check out photos from our Project 56SS July Update 




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