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GM Classics July 2012 News Letter [image]
July Edition
2 August, 2012

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


First of all, we want to congratulate Charles Bursell from Monmouth, OR, who won our $250.00 gift certificate giveaway for the first half of the 2012 calendar year. Charles was randomly selected from one of our invoices!  At the end of 2012, we will select another lucky customer with an invoice date ranging from July 1, 2012 to the end of the year for the second giveaway!!!  The more orders you place, the more chances you have of winning!


We recently returned from the Nova Nationals in Gettysburg, PA.  Hot and rainy weather kept the car count down but the diehards were still there!  Got to see many of our current customers and met a few new ones!  We were able to deliver parts to the show and save our customers shipping cost, which is always nice.  Rumor has it that the Nova Nats will be in Charlotte, NC for 2013 - we will keep you posted!


We are currently attending the NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus show in Louisville, KY. Preparations were made to welcome anyone wanting to stop by GM Classics/Chevy 2 Only on their way to or from the show which is happening August 2-5.  We are 16 miles east off of I-65 - not too far, and a nice drive!  If you have never been here before you will love it, 10 cent tours (of our indoor junkyard) are free in August and we may even have you a cold soft drink ready for you!  Placing your orders over the phone and picking your parts up at the shop is always an option or simply stopping in and saying hi!


Since most of the U.S. is within the massive heat wave we have gotten a lot of "I need to keep my Nova cool" tech calls.  Most Novas in question have old and worn out radiators, under capacity radiators, or have been sold an inferior new radiator.  Here at GM Classics / Chevy 2 Only we have the radiators that work.  Half of our sales are to customers that have already spent hundreds of dollars on items that simply do not work well in today's climate.  Here is a copy of the radiator install tip sheet shipped with every radiator and also a copy of the radiator selection guide that we have in our printed catalog.  As always, fill out our tech support form or call if you need parts or a question answered!


In closing, we want to thank Trim Parts for their hospitality at their open house!  This is a free to the public show! Lunch and car show were all free - it is their way of giving back and they do it quite well!  Check out the 2012 Trim Parts Show Photos; the average car attendance is 200-300 cars which is not bad for a week day!


Your GM Classics Crew

Need any help with your GM Classic, you know how to reach us! 

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July Featured Nova:


June 2012 Featured Nova: Bob Kozul
July 2012 Featured Nova

July 2012 Featured Nova: 

Bob Kozul  
Spring City, TN  


"The interior is the most unique aspect of this car. Much time and thought went into creating an updated original look for the interior. The two tone paint was carried into the interior through the splitting of the dash in order to match the outside body lines. The car originally came with a front bench, bucket seats were not available for this model, but I decided to part ways with the original in installing a set of ProCar buckets. After a few e-mails and phone calls to Vickie at GM Classics, I received a set of inserts for the front seats which matched the rear seat pattern..." Read more at Bob Kozul's Featured Nova page. 


New Parts:
VV Cooke Chevrolet License Place
1966 L-79 Pick Up Tube Tab, Weld



1966 L-79 Pick Up Tube Tab Weld  

P/N: 95044-1 Nova Radio CD Bezel 1966-1967
P/N:103120, $249.95



1968-1974 Nova Dash Panel Assembly Structure


Placed under dash pad and glove box. The ash tray fits into this. 


P/N 69183, $1.49


1962-1979 Sunvisor Bushing


 2 Needed per car 











P/N: 07006, $99.95


1962-1967 Nova V8 Fan Shroud



Project 7245: July 2012 Update
Project 7245: a 1972 Nova built 4 Joe Grom 5 owned by GM Classics.
Project 7245: a 1972 Nova built 4 Joe Grom 5 owned by GM Classics.

2012 Nova Nationals Photos:
2012 Nova Nationals
2012 Nova Nationals

Car Crazy:
Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat
Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Shock Tattoo
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Chevrolet American Belt Buckle

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