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July Edition
July 03, 2011

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

How is everyone? Good I hope! In case you did not know already the Novas are coming! Where? Bowling Green, Kentucky! When? July 28-30! As of this newsletter 13 Novas were moved into the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, this is a class act and an awesome place to showcase the National Nova Club! Click here for photos. If you would like to enter your Nova in the show call the Nova Club 717-252-4192.
As normal we had a blast on the Hot Rod Power Tour, put this on your bucket list if you have never been! The daily drill is get up drive 200-350 miles to the next city/venue, arrive there at say 12 or 1 pm, car show until 5 pm or so, hit the town, find the room, cruise everywhere you can to find all the cars (if your hotel is not already packed) sleep, hit the road again the next morning!! One massive moving car cruise! We normally go for just 4 days/cities instead of the full 7 days. Click here for photos. As a perk to being on the PT we got to drive around the Indy 500 track in our cars. Never did we receive any rules or guide lines but for the most part we were bumper to bumper so hot rodding was out of the question, then ah ha, an open spot, without spinning the tires I did a quick shift from first to second never exceeding 45 miles an hour, I was politely asked to leave the track. I guess I was speeding? Maybe some of the other 1500 or so cars ruined it for me by misbehaving, who knows? The last thing the official said as he walked in front of my car for 100 yards to the gate was, consider yourself lucky normally we call the police and they will write you a ticket for reckless driving OR take you to jail. A simple yes sir and we went out the gate of his choice!

After we got through the gate we had no instruction on where to go... As we drove around we ran across the lot where the new Camaro convertible pace cars were stored.
The official walked a football field to let me out, he must have been serious, so we didn't stay long. Either way the whole situation was something I did not expect. But on the bright side, how many people can say they were thrown off the Indy tack for excessive speed?

Along with the Indy track situation, we were glad to meet several customers and Nova owners on the tour. One `66 had the rare headrest option for the Astro Style bucket seats RPO code A81, only 556 1966 Novas were ordered with this option.
(See our reference section for a rare listing of `66 options.) Also as crazy as it seems we found a 66 Nova wagon with a Duramax Diesel engine in it! Never found the owner to ask questions please email if you have info so we can feature it!
Preparations are being made to welcome any Nova owners to stop by GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only on their way to and/or from the Bowling Green National Nova convention next month. We are 16 miles east off of I-65, not to far! If you have never been here before you will love it, 10 cent tours (of our indoor junkyard) are free in July and we may even have you a cold soft drink ready!
The next show coming up after the National Nova Convention in Bowling Green, KY is the Street Rod Nats in Louisville, KY. Last year was the first year the Street Rod Nats opened up to Muscle cars, it was a huge success, all of the dealers get to display indoors with the air conditioning, chilling! Photos from the Street Rod Nats 2010. 
Get your parts orders in now for
The Convention and the Street Rod Nats!
Also, be sure to check out photos from the 2011 Heartland Nova Reunion. 

-GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only

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July Feature: Tom Cece

"My Uncle Steve Barbato, owner of B&B ChevyII Performance in NJ came across this car around 1980. I've heard the story so many times but always enjoy hearing it again..."

Read more at Tom's featured Nova page. update: you can now comment on all of our Featured Novas using Facebook. The comment & like box is located at the bottom of the page.

Stainless Works:

We are now a dealer for Stainless Works, they have beautiful stainless headers that will fit your GM Classic!

Headers for Project 7245.
Vette Museum:
Vette Museum [Image]  

There is now a Nova Exhibit for a limited time at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY. Click here for more photos.

The Novas Are Coming!:
NNN 2010 [Image]  

The National Nova Convention 2011 is coming up July 28-30 in Bowling Green, KY. Click here to view photos from last years convention.

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2011West Coast Mini Nats:

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Mystery Part


Mike Miller knew! These are radio noise suppressors/static collectors.




Joining the ranks of weird emails:

From: Lisandro C []

Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 3:58 PM

Subject: Chevy NOVA big tin models


Hello, many greetings.

I have found available a product from an inland workshop. They are tin models with artist decorations. Decorations varies from model to model. Rubber tires. Models are:


Chevy NOVA 435mm long (about 17 inches)

Model availability: if model is out of stock, will require to be order.

Each model costs usd 169.


All comments are welcome.


Regards, Lisandro.



Thanks, but no thanks Mr. or Ms. Lisandro. 


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