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January Edition
10 January, 2014

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


It is 2014 and the great deep freeze is behind us! The colder it got the more I thought about summer cruise nights with hundreds of other GM Classics filling the lot! Wishful thinking, it will be a while... As this newsletter goes to print we are loading up for the first of our two Nashville meets - one will be this weekend and the next on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd! Get your orders in early because our space is limited.


As our collection of Novas age we are starting to do more & more preventive maintenance. Recently we started on our `63 drop top that we restored back in `95 and not much has been done to it other than oil changes and the usual. We recently pulled the HD radiator to do a prototype fan shroud just for the 6 cylinders. So many convertibles have parade duty and keeping the engine cool is tough to do at a slow idle on a hot summer day! The other thing we are going to do is change the brake fluid to silicone. We have had good luck with this in all of our vehicles. Silicone will resist moisture and won't take the paint off any pretty parts. We also decided to send out the master cyl. to be rebuilt with new seals & a stainless steel sleeve. Next up is a wheel cylinder & brake shoe check.  



The convertible top snap molding was broken on one side which is some kind of butt weld or fusion weld by the high tech engineers of `63. When the body flexes the stainless snap trim typically does not. We removed the trim and sent it to my trim guy, he opened the ends a little on the small broken pieces and we slid them over the larger part. End result looks like a factory seam!


What the trim will look like afterwards


Sincerely yours,


- The GM Classics Crew



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January 2014 Featured Nova

"Back in 2005-6, a good friend and fellow Acadian collector suffered a medical setback and after recovering he needed to pay a number of medical bills.  He was selling some of his car collection to raise funds and offered to sell me 3 parts cars.  Among those cars was a 1962 Acadian 4 door sedan he had bought back from Arizona.  The car was sold new in Canada to a gentleman working there temporarily.  One year later, he moved to California and sometime after that he moved to Arizona.  While in AZ the car was hit in the rear and totaled by his insurance." - Norm Hallett

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