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February Edition
14 February, 2014

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


When I was writing the January newsletter I am not sure what I was thinking when I stated the deep freeze was behind us. It was only beginning! We've been hearing from all our customers across the country that it was too cold to even work in the garage which is a winter favorite for me! The sun is shining this week and we will be in the 50's here in Kentucky and as long as the ice disappears from my driveway, I'll be happy! Be sure to check out our "frozen Nova" at the end of this newsletter.


The two Nashville swap meets were quite crowded. Even with 35 degree temperatures and rain, the outside venders were still busy. Lots of customers took advantage of free delivery on their parts orders to the show.


This weekend is our large and local indoor car show, Carl Caspers Custom Auto Show. We will be hosting the V.V. Cooke booth in the south wing so stop and talk awhile if you are in town! Our L-79 decided to take a break from this years show and our red `63 drop top has stepped up to the plate! It is red & ready! If you call now we may be able to deliver some parts to you at the show.


Next up is the Kyana swap meet March 8 & 9, which has been a favorite of ours for years. Being all indoors for a winter meet is a plus and with over 1000 swap meet spaces it's hard to complain. So be sure to get your orders in early OR plan to stop by our shop just 35 miles SE of Louisville.


For the rest of February and March we are going to have our "hopefully end of winter" special... 10% off all in-stock radiators! Use coupon code 8675309 when calling or ordering online. This special ends March 31st, 2014. Be sure to get that new radiator before spring arrives!


Stay warm, you'll be driving your GM Classic soon!



- The GM Classics Crew



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February Featured Nova

Survivor 1962 Nova 400 Convertible


"This car is one of the earliest still in existence. 


This Nova was the 460th Convertible down the assembly line, and is the 4,959th Nova made for all of 1962 model year. It is a pretty special car and has a pretty special history as well.


I bought this Nova from the original 95 year-old owner named John Daly who is now 98yrs. old. Well... I kind of bought it from the original 95 year-old owner..."


Read more on Bry Gilstrap's 1962 Featured Nova Page 

Featured Parts:

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1969-1972 Firewall W/O AC

1968 Firewall W/O AC
1968-1972 Hood Latch Assembly 

1968-1972 Manual Console Kit  
February 2014 Give-Away

A lucky customer randomly picked from our February 2014 invoices will win the above give-away! The more orders you place, the more chances you get! 
A 1969 Chevy Nova For the Atomic Age

"When it looks like you've seen everything, then along comes a car like this 1969 Chevy Nova. Derick Samson of Samson Design built this Nova for the Atomic age. While most gearheads look to the future when building their hot rods, Samson turned to the past. After installing a '56 Chevy dash in the car, Samson was inspired to build his ride with a '50's influence." - Josh Courter for LSX Read more about A 1969 Chevy Nova for The Atomic Age
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Membership in a club or organization is not required. 
Brr... Even the Novas are frozen!

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