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GM Classics January 2012 News Letter [image]
February Edition
February 13, 2012

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

      We just got back from our second show of the year in Nashville. Both shows were packed! The Stones River show had over 100 outdoor spaces this year; couple this with morning temps in the low 50s, the parking lot was crowded by 6am! Last year it was about 30 degrees and the outdoor spaces were still full. Who imagined an outdoor swap meet in the winter? Lucky for us, our spaces were inside! We enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of our customers face to face and deliver some parts to beat the shipping costs. Check our events page for our upcoming shows.

     We stopped by the American Pickers new Nashville store for a quick tour. They had some nice stuff but it was not cheap!  In this month's giveaway we have a Picker's t-shirt straight form the store. This and other items will go to one lucky person who makes a purchase this month!  The more instances you purchase the more chances you have to win! 


      While in Nashville I picked up a Life magazine from October 8th 1971 that had six 1972 Novas on the cover. The title reads "How is the economy doing?" The story inside goes on to tell about how new car sales were reacting to President Nixon's 90 day emergency treatment for the ailing economy, which was half over by this time. Prices were fixed and the tax on imports was increased to 10%; Nixon had gone to great lengths to coax the U.S. consumer into spending more of his money on American cars. Detroit said it could be the first 10 million dollar year ever!

      I do not remember any hardships back in `72 when I was 11 years old but I am sure we had some along with everyone else. This scenario is not much different than today's economy: all of us are very fortunate to still be enjoying our old cars!

      Another paragraph explains that consumers were buying cheaper cars, paying with cash! I was only 11 years old at this time and perhaps my Grandfather bought a new `72 Nova just for this reason! It was a 6 cyl automatic, no PS, AC or even radio!

     View photos and documentation of the `72.

      I can remember a little toy dog on the package tray bobbing its head up and down as my Grandpa gave her gas on the expressway only to let off, let-r-drop 15 miles an hour and then hit it again. If it was a V8 I would have had whiplash! It was a privilege to own this `72 as my first Nova. Currently it resides not too far from me but now with very wide tires on the back.  


      Getting car parts for Valentines day?  Better hurry! We always sell a lot of gift certificates for this holiday, so don't be left out! Keep those orders coming because each time you purchase in the month of February your name goes in the hat for this month's giveaway!


Your GM Classics Crew

Need any help with your GM Classic, you know how to reach us! 

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Jeff Fugate:


February  2012 Featured Nova: Emery & Sue Grove Red Lion, PA
February 2012 Featured Nova

February 2012 Featured Nova:
Jeff Fugate

Mount Washington, KY


My 1965 SS Nova started out as a pile of parts and a totally disassembled car. It was a project that someone started and didn't finish. A friend of mine helped me pick the car up, it was a good thing my dad worked nights, the car came with parts from two parts cars. I totally filled my dad's garage with all the parts. There were parts everywhere!... Read more at Jeff Fugate's Featured Nova page. 


New Parts:
Door Hinge Pin
396 Big Block Air Cleaner - $99.95



Very close to the correct breather for the 1967 L-79 Nova! 1968-1969 396 Big Block Air Cleaner P/N: 03012. 

P/N: 70084, $149.95



1962-1967, 80/20, non-stock, one-piece, black, automatic transmission, 2 door carpet.


*Other colors, 4 door & station wagon also available.

**Related Part: 1962-1967, 80/20, non-stock, one-piece, 4 Speed, 2 door carpet.


Chevy Nova Upper Control arm support tool
P/N 97116 $15.95


1962-1967 Upper Control Arm Support Tool 


*Related Parts 1962-1967 Upper Control Arm (Right)










Other New Parts:

1968-1969 Full Quarter Panel (Right-hand with Door Jam & Detached Sail panel)

1970-1972 Full Quarter Panel (Right-hand with Door Jam & Attached Sail panel) 

NOS Parts:
`63 NOS Grill


1963 Nova NOS Grill, in the original box! The part has a few slight scratches, we have not had one of these in years!  

Heater Control Cable Retaining Nut
`67 Hard-Top Nova Rear Trunk Molding



1967 Nova Hard-Top rear trunk molding. This part is a nice NOS and would look great on any show car!

Email Junior for more information.


GM Classics January Give-away
January 2012 Prize!

The winner for the January 2012 Giveaway is Ronnie Manley of Pleasant Garden, North Carolina!


We will be giving away a prize pack this month to a lucky customer! We will select the customer randomly from our February 2012 invoices and announce the winner in our March eNewsletter. 



GM Classics February 2012 Give away
February 2012 Prize


2012 Major Giveaways!


Along with our monthly giveaways we will also be giving away a $250.00 Gift Certificate to GM Classics / Chevy 2 Only on June 30th, 2012. We will select the winner randomly from the combined monthly invoices of January - June, 2012.


"Fastest" Street Car in the World: Nova
FASTEST STREET CAR IN THE WORLD! Larry Larson runs 6.95 @ 209 on Drag Week!!!
"Larry Larson proves his car once again to be the fastest street car in the world by completing Hot Rod Magazin'es Drag Week 2010 AND making the first 6 second pass in Drag Week history! Not only did he make a 6 second pass, but he made that pass after driving 1200 miles on country roads, rain, and he did it 20 minutes after a 7.005 pass, hot lapping the car!"

Project 7245 Update:
Project 7245 February Update
Project 7245 February Update

Nova Crazy:
`62 Nova Rat Fink
`62 Nova Rat Fink
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