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February Edition
February 01, 2011

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,

Okay I give up, are you ready for spring?

The weather has been all but wonderful here in Kentucky this winter. We woke up to 9 degrees this morning, cold for us Kentuckians, with a high of 20 at best. I do realize that our current weather is considered mild to some parts of the country, regardless, getting your Nova or GM Classic ready for the upcoming cruise season is time well spent during the not-so-warm months of the year. We have a lot of new parts coming soon, so we will keep you posted as they arrive to assist you in your winter projects.

We just added another show to our events list: Stones River Region AACA 23rd Annual Automotive Swap Meet (Sigh, that's a mouthful) will be held in the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sunday, February 6th. Be sure to get your orders in ASAP if you are attending the event and would like to take advantage of the free delivery to all of our events.

As you know, Chevy 2 Only has entered this New Year as the expanded GM Classics. Need something for your other rides? Give us a call! We will do our best to help you get what you need for your GM Classic.


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New Year Prize Winner: Steve Hawn


To celebrate the new year we gave away these items: GM Classics/Chevy 2 Only hat, T-shirt and a high quality ice scraper to Steve Hawn of St. Andrews West, Ontario, Canada.

Another drawing will be held at the end of February; everyone who makes a purchase in February 2011 will be entered into the drawing for a prize from GM Classics.

Bill Terrell - February Featured Nova:

1967 Nova SS, 4 speed, 408 Small Block with 4 wheel disc brakes.
Find out more on Bill & Tammy's featured Nova page.

February Nova Poll:


Chevy Nova Polls image

66 vs 67.

Click Here to vote.



"How many miles do you drive your Nova in a year?"*
Recent Results:

Poll Results: (544 votes)

0- 500:

38% (206)
501 - 1000: 23% (124)
1001 - 1500: 13% (71)
1501 - 2500: 11% (61)
Over 2500: 15% (82)

*This was a user-demanded poll idea, here you go!
Thank you for all of your ideas for upcoming polls!

Detroit Speed Visit

Last month, GM Classics visited Detroit Speed & Engineering located in Nascar Country, North Carolina, to pick up a new sub-frame for our latest project "7245". Click here to see photos from our visit to DSE

New Part: Nova Floor Hump (65-67)

65 - 67 Nova Automatic Metal Floor Hump
Shop online now, limited number available!

Bolt in Nova Subframe (62-67)

Bolt-in Straight Axle Glasser Subframe
 Check it out.

Photo of the Month:


Used parts:

Did you know we have lots of used Nova parts in stock? These have been previously installed and proven!  Call your Customer service rep and we can do a used parts request and see if we have the part you are looking for!

Chevy 2 Only Expands: 2011


GM Classics: As you have seen in the past we have slowly integrated GM Classics logos into most of our online and printed material.  We have not sold out to another company but are simply expanding our product line, look for business cards included with your order.

What does this mean for you the customer?  First of all you can expect us to handle the business of Novas as usual, the same great service & tech support you are used to! 

Also you will get the added bonus of us helping you with any of your other GM Classic or muscle car parts.  Please call or email us with any questions or requests!

GM Classic parts Hotline: 502-239-8487
Email Sales Support:

Click here for tech support.

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