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Read below to find out about our "Parade Pack."

The 2015 National Nova Convention is history! The weather cleared and it was beautiful. It was nice to see our many customers we have had though the years. Rumor has it that the convention will be back in Dover, DE for 2016.

View photos from the 2015 NNN Convention. 
Our "one of none" 65 SS convertible is one of our favorite cruising Novas, it drives great, handles great and we look great driving it! One of its short falls has always been idling in parade traffic with high summer temps & humidity. The car features one of our 4 row brass & copper radiators, with a mechanical fan but was not cutting it during an hour in bumper to bumper slow moving traffic... During the last parade we had to open the hood because the 283 engine was getting ready to vapor lock, I could see the tachometer still moving and the engine turning over but its "heartbeat" was faint. Our task was to improve this... so our "Parade Pack" was invented...

Project "One of None" 1965 Nova SS Convertible  
This parade pack included the following items and changes: 1) We removed the carb and checked it. 2) Plugged the heat holes in the top of the GM cast intake, 3) installed a Mr. Gasket heat dissipater and isolator under the carb (this also raised the carb and inlet fuel line higher off the hot intake). 4) We changed the radiator to an all aluminum one using the dual electric fan set up with the fan mounting bracket. 5) We installed the thermostats and set them at different temperatures, there has been occasions when its cool enough on the road the fans do not even cycle on at all. But when they do they are staged for different on/off cycle temps. So far this set up has worked great! We are looking forward to testing it at our next parade!

Has your Nova been overheating this summer? Contact us to see if our "parade pack" will work for your Nova!

We hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer!

- The GM Classics Crew

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