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August Edition
15 August, 2013

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


Hello everyone!  Hope all is going well on the home front!


About 3 weeks ago we attended the 44th annual Street Rod Nationals Plus in Louisville.  Since incorporating muscle cars, this is definitely the show to be at!  This year we were fortunate to park our project 7245 Nova under the big top in the shade.  Having this luxury also meant we could also sit in the shade behind the car, that was nice in the hot sun!  We were able to bring several orders to the show and deliver them from our booth which continues to work out well for many of our customers. Some of you took us up on the "shop at our place" option and made the 35 mile trip to our office to pick up your orders.  The sheer volume of different cars you see at this show is amazing.  If you get tired & hot outside then you can go inside and see all the manufacturers in the air conditioning!  Put this show on your calendar for next year, you will not want to miss it.


It is fairly uncommon to find a 1968 2-door that has yet to restored, much less a 3 speed manual tranny... on the column! On our website's listing of original Nova options it shows only 317 units produced with this rare option.


View photos of this 1968 2-Door 3-Speed Manual on the Column.


I used to ride to high school with a neighbor that had a 1971 Nova 3 on the tree, and he treated it like a 4 speed... except for all of that the grinding! 


Fall Carlisle will be here before you know it, orders are already coming in! This year we will only be there on Friday & Saturday October 4th & 5th. Remember space is limited, so get your orders in quick for free delivery! 


Hot weather is here, check out our selection of "superior cooling" radiators for your Nova! Shop online or give us a ring! (1-502-239-8487) We would love to help you get your project underway! 


Keep it cool!



- The GM Classics Crew



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August 2013 Featured Nova: Williams


"My husband bought this car in 1987 to restore. He worked all these years on making the car great! It has won many Super Chevy National Titles along with many others! He actually built the car from the ground up... Then George became very sick, very quick. He tried to work on the car every day, however, got so sick that he couldn't go into the garage and work. He even told me one day that he only wished he could live long enough to see the car finished. It was so sad for me to hear that from him... I told him that he would see it finished and even be able to drive it...

- Debbie Williams  

Find out more about this car on Debbie Williams' Featured Nova page. 
2013 Event Schedule

Oct. 4-5
Carlisle, PAFall Carlisle Row J Space 35
Oct. 19-20
Louisville, KYCollector Car Fest KY State Fairgrounds - Deliveries only
Nov. 21-23Moultre, GAMoultrie MeetSpence Field Expo Center - Deliveries only, space A87
Nov. 28-30Daytona, FLTurkey Rod RunDeliveries only, stop by and see us! Red Row 24, Spaces 582-583
Dec. 1
Indianapolis, INSuper Sunday Swap MeetIN State Fairgrounds - Deliveries Only

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Anyone know where this comes from? Check out more photos of the Chevy Nova in other languages


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