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It seems that winter is still here; it was a mere 28 degrees at our shop as of this writing! We hope it gets warm quick because we are currently loading up for the big "Spring" Carlisle show in Pennsylvania! Be sure to get your orders in ASAP because our space is limited!
Check out our events calendar for details on Spring Carlisle and more.

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I acquired this '62 Nova convert in September of 2011 from Oregon and I had it shipped all the way to me in Florida... 75,000 original miles just  wasting away for 20 some odd years... With much help from GM Classics, I was able make this car outstanding once again.



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Project 7245 Update

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We determined that the fuel pump was defective and we replaced a Walbro brand with an Aeromotive brand; since apparently this project has become the test bed for fuel pumps, we'll see how long this one lasts.  And yes I did buy a spare... After a test drive everything seems fine and we are again back to breaking in our rebuilt Tremec 5 speed! 

While we had it on the lift we installed the new front spoiler PT# 103078; I hope it makes it go faster... We also installed our new LED dome light bulb PT# 69162-LED, and what a difference this makes! I love the bright white light and as an added bonus, your lens won't have a meltdown if you leave the switch on!
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1962-79 Black Fuel Filter 
Silver Option
1962-1979 GM Compass
1962-79 Weatherstrip Gasket Adhesive

1966 Hood Emblem


At this time we are getting close to firing the engine.  There are a lot of hidden items that were left unfinished just to get it to its first show in February.  One thing we are doing a lot of testing on is the rear glass and seal fitment.  We will keep you posted on the results of our tests.

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Important Note: as great as it would be to give away a real Nova to one of our loyal customers, out budget dictated that we settle for the above model instead.

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