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April Edition
7 April 2015

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,


It was very nice to see some of our customers out at the KYANA show in Louisville! Our next show will be the big one, Spring Carlisle, PA! The truck and trailer will be ready to roll east soon, so get your orders in early if you would like to take advantage of free delivery to our space, #J-35!


Project 65-SS Story - Continued!  


View Photos From Project 65-SS!


Continued from last month...


After the long ordeal of trying to get the 65 out of the ditch, we finally got it onto the wrecker which hauled myself and the broken Nova some 10 miles south to a friend's house in the middle of the night while still pouring rain. I remember telling the wrecker driver that his wipers were not much better than the Nova behind him... no reply. We dropped the car in my friend Steve's back yard. Steve was at the back door and greeted me not like a concerned father, but a laughing friend looking at my wrecked car.  


Soon after this weekend ordeal, I pulled the motor to preserve the car for the future; there would be no more rainy night road trips for this 65.  


Fast forward 30 years... The parts collection is nearly complete and the body has been stripped down to metal using the plastic media process. These photos show the condition of the body before going to the body shop, I feel lucky that I was able to preserve this fine specimen!  


View Photos Of 65-SS Update 2


To be continued next month...  


Project 7245 Update


The transmission is back in after needing a total rebuild; 2 gears were replaced. All problems were related to improper alignment and non-compatible clutch. The removal of the original engine block alignment pins was quite simple once we found the right routing for the long punch placed through the engine frame mounts. The new aftermarket adjustable dowl pins needed some TLC since they would not go into the LS3 aluminum block easily. The end was way to sharp and we noticed that they were trying to bite when installing them. We pulled our belt sander out of storage and sanded a beveled edge on the top, then we polished them smooth by putting them in a drill and using fine grit sand paper. After we were finished they more closely resembled the factory style which has been used by GM successfully for years. Keep in mind that we are working under the car with limited room to install... The red tool you see in the photos is designed to bolt to the crank and the bell housing installs next. The black ring must slide into the bell housing opening to insure proper alignment. Once this position is obtained the dowl pins can be locked down to keep the bell housing in place.  The tool made the job a lot easier!


Project 7245 2015 Update Photos 


We'll keep you posted!


Thanks for reading! 


- The GM Classics Crew



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April Featured Nova: Bill Peterson

"We affectionately refer to the Nova as 'Florence' for even though my name is on the title, it will always be Grandma's Nova."
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