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March / April Edition
10 April 2014

Dear GM & Nova Enthusiast,



The KYANA swap meet was crowded as usual this year. We picked up a few leads on parts and cars which is a rare thing these days. We were also able to deliver parts to our loyal customers - by the way, thank you for being our customers! We couldn't do this without you.


The local Carl Casper Custom show was also well received; there were some fine looking Novas at this show! We were able to get some photos of them for you to look through.


As you know, we changed our name over 3 years ago to better describe our business which now caters to anything GM muscle. Being able to serve you with parts for your other classics has been challenging but rewarding. With the Paddock closing several years ago and Harmons closing last month we stepped up to fill the void in this area of the country. Harmons was in business for over 40 years and we were sad to see them close their doors. GM Classics & Chevy 2 Only sold parts we manufacture such as our V8 oil pans, clutch linkage, and more to Harmons while they were in business. We also are able to do this with other retailers as well.  


Next up is the Spring Carlisle meet which is April 23 - 26, Get your orders in early so you can take advantage of free delivery. Our space number is J-35. We hope to see you there! Check out our events schedule to stay up-to-date on events we will be attending this year. 


Summer is coming; we hope you will be driving your GM Classic soon! 



- The GM Classics Crew



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April Featured Nova


"I am building this car with my father as a tribute to the car 'Mighty Mouse II' my Father (Howard) and his brother (Charlie) ran from 1972-1975. This car started my desire to own and drive my own race car..."

"Chevy II only has been a great resource for us from the NOS fenders, trim parts, etc.. to Junior's knowledge of these cars. You will be hard pressed to find someone that knows more about Nova's and what is available for them." - Rick Brown 


Read more on Rick Brown's Featured Nova Page 

New Part:1965-1967 Automatic Shifter Kit
Our T-Handle Shifter Kit is designed to give you the look of originality above the console in your 65-67 Nova. Shop online for our T-Handle Shifter Kit.

Carl Casper's Novas

View photos of the Novas we saw at Carl Casper's Custom Auto Show

Carl Casper is a name that is synonymous with car shows and his longest-running event, the Carl Casper Custom Car Carl and a fanShow in Louisville, Kentucky celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2002. To mark this milestone, Casper brought out many of the show cars he built over the years including the 1965 America's Most Beautiful Roadster, complete with its hand-formed body, twin-blown '57 Pontiac motor and custom-fade paint scheme. Also on the floor were other show car icons, such as the Pinball Wizard and the Paddy Wagon. Add all the movie cars that Casper has built, such as the Bat Mobile, the A-Team vehicles, K.I.T.T. and the General Lee, and it was an impressive showing. Since Casper is one of the few people to keep every car he ever built, he added to the display with no less than three Top Fuel cars he built during the 1970s. These cars were strong runners with track records to their credits and bragging rights such as knocking out Don Garlits in three out of four of their meetings. Of course, the tribute to Casper's cars was only a portion of the show. The real meat of the show consisted of hundreds of fine automobiles of every description from all over the US and surrounding area. The show fills the huge Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville Kentucky and car enthusiasts can spend a full day at the show attempting to take it all in. Many clubs use the show as a winter outing and a chance to have an indoor rod run and three days of hanging out and talking cars. Every February the Carl Casper Auto Show will be back and ready to entertain the Louisville and Southern Indiana audience with 3 days of Stars and action packed fun." -
Featured Parts:

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1969-1972 Firewall W/O AC

1968 Firewall W/O AC
1968-1972 Hood Latch Assembly 

1968-1972 Manual Console Kit  
April 2014 Give-Away

A lucky customer randomly picked from our April 2014 invoices will win the above give-away! The more orders you place, the more chances you get! 
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Nova Crazy

Heartland Nova Reunion

Attend the Eastern Iowa Nova's 7th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion!
Membership in a club or organization is not required. 
Nova Crazy - 1966 Nova Wagon

1966 Nova Wagon: TAPOUT Terror - /BIG MUSCLE 
1966 Nova Wagon: TAPOUT Terror - BIG MUSCLE

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