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Interview by Chevy Enthusiast Magazine

 TC: How do you plan to keep your parts business growing?

JG: By locating parts for Novas and listing them in our web and print catalogs. Our next goal is to offer other GM muscle car parts. Chevy 2 Only will soon fall under the gmclassics.com umbrella.

TC: You have a great reputation for locating hard-to-find parts. How do you acc omplish that?

JG: We’ve parted out over 400 Novas and moved the parts indoors where they age with grace. We’ve taken most parts and broken them down and identified a manufacturer or, in some cases, have the part remanufactured.

TC: When did Chevy 2 Only become a full-time operation?

JG: 1980. I couldn’t find parts, so I started buying stuff I didn’t need and trading them for parts I did need, then sold the spares. I incorporated in 1993, and it became my full-time job in 2001.

Text courtesy of Chevy Enthusiast



Why Novas?

"Novas, Chevy IIs, Deuces...call ’em what you like. I call them my business—Chevy 2 Only. That’s all I do, mix it up with Chevy’s most underrated classic for what seems like 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. To me—and I’m sure thousands of you readers out there—the Nova is the most popular Chevrolet on the streets and at the shows. And I love to see well-built examples of all years and in all forms—from original restored to full-on Pro Streeters." - JG

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